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Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts
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May 11, 2009

it was amazing
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As I said in my review for Vision in White, Nora Roberts never fails to entertain me. What, does she have a special gene or something? Is she a writing mutant? What’s with her novels that always deliver where I’m concerned?

Because with Bed of Roses she once again succeeded. This series is more than a contemporary romance, there’s a little of chick-lit in it as well, but especially it’s an ode to female friendship. One of those strong, resilient friendships that last a lifetime. Mac, Emma, Laurel and Parker are such friends and it’s always a pleasure and a hoot to read about them and their bond.

An added plus, we didn’t get to read only about female friendship, but male friendship as well, and discovered how different they are. As NR mentioned in one conversation between Jack and Emma, girls like to eat chocolate when upset, while men punch each other in the face. “It’s the nature of the beasts.” I loved the interaction between Del and Jack, and now that Carter’s firmly in the picture, I was glad to see him come out of his shell and open up a little more around these two (and the girls).

That said, this was also a romance. And what a romance. It’s always difficult to start considering one of your friends for a potential lover, and we all know the whys of that. Would you be able to get back to where you were if (when) the relationship implodes? How will others around you react, especially if you both come from a tight circle of close friends? Could it even work? Should you give it a try? Are you brave enough to give it a try and fight for what you want?
These are all questions rolling around Emma and Jack’s minds at the beginning of this book. Sure, once the passion is upon you, you throw caution to the wind, and hope you get lucky. And that’s what these two did. And it worked. Sort of. Despite Emma’s über-romantic nature (which started to grate after a while, I’ll admit) and Jack’s reservations (which were rather plausible and believable, making me root for him throughout the story).

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Sexy, sweet, romantic, with a few LOL moments, a lot of female bonding, and some more insight into the wedding-planning business, this was yet another keeper in this four-book series.
I loved the few sneak peeks into the relationships of the next two books, but while I’m really looking forward to Laurel and Del’s story, it’s Mal and Parker’s book that’s keeping me on the edge of my seat. Really apropos to make it the last one.
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message 1: by Lucy (new)

Lucy I agree with you about NR special gene. I never get disappointed. I love her work. She has great characters that are so real.

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