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Review after second reading, June 20, 2017
5 stars - outstanding/amazing

The first thoughts that come to mind to share involve my final two spoilers in the below review from after my first reading. I am 1,000% in agreement with these two spoilers. I am very much glad (view spoiler) and very much hopeful that (view spoiler) :-)

I realized this next thought after finishing book one and before starting this book two, but I'm going to add it to this book's review. . .

I'm pretty sure that my intense dislike of Donovan Caine was due to the insta-lust between him and Gin. I don't understand what she saw in him. Well, I do, but if it had been me in her shoes, his morals would have been a deal-breaker. So I don't understand why she got so hooked up on him.

But I'm hopeful that (view spoiler) But somehow I have the feeling that we haven't seen the last of him.

This story opened with would-be robbers trying to rob the Pork Pit. (Needless to say, but they failed.) :-)

Then we had the "barrage of gunfire," as mentioned in the description, and Violet Fox is introduced. :-)

And then the story tripped along to the end. Gin, of course, came out on top. ;-)

But what happened was this. . . (view spoiler)

After all was said and done, Gin (view spoiler)

And this ending reminds me, I wasn't too thrilled that Gin retired at the end of the last book. I understood it, but I found myself wondering. . . Why is this series called the Elemental Assassin series? What are the next 15 books going to be about?

So I was rather pleased that Gin (view spoiler) in this book. And that ending gives me hope that this will indeed be a series about an Elemental Assassin. ;-)

Before I forget, I should share the lines that made me laugh and cry. As mentioned somewhere (I think in my status update?), I laughed once and cried twice. :-)

First, the LOL scene: On page 313, at the beginning of Chapter 28 and after Gin (view spoiler) lol! ;-)

Then I found myself with tears pooling in my eyes somewhere in Chapter 32 and/or in Chapter 33. I know I cried when Warren T. Fox gave Gin that photo (in Chapter 33). My earlier tears were sometime in the scene after Gin (view spoiler) so either in Chapter 32 or 33.

In sum, this was a really wonderful book. I really enjoyed it. :-)

Review after first reading, March 8-9, 2013
4.5 stars

This was an excellent sequel to Spider's Bite. Gin still had what I thought were (view spoiler) but they were neither as numerous nor as annoying as I found them to be in the first book. I was also rather glad to see (view spoiler) Owen Grayson seems like a fascinating character (view spoiler). I hope we'll see lots more of him in the next book, Venom.
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100.0% "I didn't make any updates today while reading this book. Perhaps that's why I was able to finish it while the sun was still shining? :-) I really loved this story, though. I laughed (p.313); I cried (x2, later). I'll say more in my review..."
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