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Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde
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Mar 08, 2013

really liked it

Well, where to begin...

I'm not going to bother rehashing the plot so I'll just jump right in. This is one of those books that you can fall right into the character's lives and feel like it could easily be your own. You empathize with their struggles, and sometimes you can really see it from all sides. I spent much of my time torn between what I thought Lexi SHOULD do and what I would ACTUALLY do in her position. Their relationship was a double edge sword.

On the one hand, you really feel what Lexi feels for Jack. He is sweet and loving, attentive, seductive, charming, suave... the list goes on. The clincher? He can turn it on and shut it off at will. Imagine it like this: The hottest guy you have ever laid eyes on has spent the last several months sweeping you off your feet and everything you have been building up to has come down to this singular moment and you just know, this is it. This is the guy. Then, as he carries you to his bedroom spouting off all kinds of promises that leaves your heart fluttering in your chest, he slams your head into the door frame, drops you on the floor, and then says, well damn, sorry about that. But honestly, what did you expect? Understandably, you might forgive him this one offense (and his attitude), but then he continues to perform this exact same butterfingers routine and you stupidly continue to allow him to carry you to the bedroom expecting different results each and every time? That is exactly how this book reads for...six...long....years.

Now, I love long books. I don't ever want my stories to end. I want to live in them! Okay, not really. I would much rather be a voyeur because, honestly, these people give me a headache, and a heartache, and so many aches that I feel like I just got jumped in a desolate alley after having eaten the most satisfying ice cream cone I have ever had. *Do you see what I did there just now?* This story is nothing short of a roller coaster ride from hell. I got on thinking this thing was the most amazing ride ever, even though I hate roller coasters with a passion. It was lulling me into a false sense of security. I was grinning, enjoying the breeze in my hair, on my face, and then it jumped the track. Magically, it jumped right back on, much to my relief, but then it just kept happening. Needless to say, by the end, I was exhausted, numb from the constant turmoil.

My feelings on these characters?
Lexi needs to get a backbone. She is possibly the weakest woman I have ever read in a book. She just never really finds herself and for all the times she does manage to speak up, she backs down a moment later from a simple kiss.

Jack is handsome, charming and a freaking jerk. You want him. You want to hate him. You want to see him happy. You want to punch him in the face and curse the day he was born. I have a hard time believing that his parents' divorce ruined him as a human being to this degree. It seems it's a fundamental flaw.

Chyna is a doll. She is promiscuous, yes, but she is fun loving and in your face. Lexi needs this girl in her life. If only she had the brains to listen!

Ramsey is a nice addition to the bunch and I honestly liked him. I didn't see anything sleazy or slimy in his character, though I did pick up that he may be hiding something. He is definitely the safer bet!

Bekah, well, I will let you make your own assumptions about her.

Overall, this story captured me, so it earned a higher rating for that. It does have some problems with spelling, grammatical errors, missing words and the occasional odd or backward phrase where you know the author means one thing but it got twisted around to mean the opposite. But I was largely able to overlook these things. It's a decent read with a promising future. I see that it has a sequel, but I am on the fence on whether or not I will continue after reading that it is just more of the same behaviors. Granted, I probably will check it out, because I have invested time and emotion into this, so I might as well see it through...Yeah, I probably will. Okay, fine. I'm picking it up right now.

I recommend this book for anyone who likes a solid emotional roller coaster ride :)
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