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Strangers by Dean Koontz
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May 10, 2009

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I used to love Koontz, when I was in junior high. What happened? Oh, I know, I grew up and realized that his characters are absolutely ridiculous.

Dean Koontz, much like his mid-life crisis make over from bald mustached guy to full of head of hair and clean shaven face, is just one big old cliche. There, I said it.

This book had promise. Again, I had read it years ago, but it didn't stick with me, so when I saw it at the used book store I had to pick it up again. I should have kept the three dollars and gone to the library. But I was all, "It's Koontz! It's summer in Florida already, gotta get my summer horror reading on!"

Yeah, no. After reading some of the books I've been reading lately - see Bee Season, Bastard Out of Carolina - Koontz just doesn't live up to my tastes anymore. So I'm sad to say I'm just going to have to let him go.

So what's so bad about Strangers? Oh, everything is hackneyed. The heroes and heroines are perfect. He doesn't come out and say they are perfect, but he might as well because they have absolutely no flaws or faults. None. Dom Corvaisis is a soon to be highly toted and celebrated fiction writer who's handsome, but not a lick of personality. Ginger Weiss - she's short and spunky and incredibly smart skipped grades in high school and graduated from medical school at the top of her class- workacholic. Even the supposed bad guy has a heart of gold and turns good guy at the end. It's just too much! Where's the internal struggle? Where's the meat?

That's just it. There's really no meat to Koontz's books. All the characters are the same just in different situations. It's all so formulaic and I'm done with formulas unless it has to do with shopping (my mom sent me that Shopaholic book a couple of weeks ago).
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message 1: by Kalven (new)

Kalven Nice review, but you might wanna put a warning in there before you spoil the ending like that. I'm probably not gonna read the book anyway so no harm done. Just saying.

message 2: by Lee (new)

Lee shame about you telling us the ending, please be more considerate next time, now I will not read it. Also don't understand why 3 stars if you did not like it.

Wendi Sorry. I probably figured since the book was about 25 years old it had been read to death by now. Also, dudes, I posted this review six years ago.

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