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Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich
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May 09, 2009

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** OK, I have to give major props to Steph in this book. Ranger really puts the moves on her and she resists . . . there was a VERY close call, but she remains faithful to Joe . . . technically anyway. Ranger has to live with her because he is being hunted by everyone because they believe he has kidnapped his daughter. It turns out he is the victim of SERIOUS Identity theft . . . down to the point of someone wanting to kidnap Steph so she can be with him like she is with Ranger. This book has a lot of witty lines . . . no major funny scenes, just funny one liners. No, that is not totally true. Joyce gets stunned gun again but by Pickle, the new file clerk at the agency--he attempts suicide at the beginning of the book and Steph talks him down from the ledge. The interviews with applicants for bounty hunters was funny . . . real crazies. The conversation between Joe and Morelli when Steph is sneaking out of her apartment when Morelli's move in makes living quarters to close for comfort. Oh, the little jealousy between Ranger and Morelli when Ranger gives Steph a tracking device. She places it on her bra and joe tells Ranger he can find her breast without a tracking device . . . Ranger smiles and Steph believes the smile to mean Ranger can as well. Morelli is no dumby--he knows Ranger is moving in on his territory. And Steph knows Ranger cannot offer her what Joe wants . . . marriage and deep love. But hey, we have 4 more books to see how this all plays out. Ranger does get shot in this book and it is sad . . . but he was prepared for it. Tank and Lula hook up . . . God help Tank.

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