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Well, it was bound to happen. There had to come a day when I just wouldn’t enjoy something written by The Genius. At least once, right?

I’m a fan of the first two Market Garden books. Sure, they’re short stories, essentially just barely more than pwp. But I really like Tristan and characters, I find them charming, I like their attraction to one another, the sex is ridiculously steamy, and I’m left wanting more of their story.

I just didn’t have the same connection, or ANY connection, with Spencer and Nick. And without that, how or why am I supposed to care what happens to them? On top of that, though I’m not a big BDSM fan to begin with, the way it’s written in this book feels completely inauthentic and plays to all the reasons people misunderstand it in the first place…that it’s just about masochists wanting it rough. No real consideration of the nuances in the relationship between a Dom and a sub.

Lastly, the pacing of the book is odd. For the first 40%, I felt dragged along as the MC’s meet and spend their first night together. I was bored. And then the next 1/3 of the book was a summarized version, fast-forwarded past months of apparent regular interactions between the two. Finally, and what is the saving grace for the book, the last 1/3 started to introduce a story line and some plot, but by this point, I just didn’t care. And by the time Nick’s speech to Spencer came around, I was not buying it.

In a nutshell: if you find yourself skimming a book that’s only 140 pages long, you know you’re in trouble…

Thanks to Riptide for the ARC...hope you don't mind the honest review...
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JustJen "Miss Conduct" Lucky devil! Can't wait to continue with this story. :)

message 2: by NiteReader (new)

NiteReader I can't wait to see what you think...

JustJen "Miss Conduct" Great review, Susan. That is a bit disappointing. I'm curious to see if it reads the same for me.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Better luck with the next one. :)

message 5: by NiteReader (new)

NiteReader I love your honesty, Susan.

Kristalia :( it's a shame that you didn't like it -.-
i have yet to read it, but now i don't feel enthusiastic anymore :(
awesome rev :D

Blacky *Romance Addict* Well it's always best to be honest Susan, sorry this one didn't work out for you.

message 8: by Shelley (new)

Shelley Considering you and I are more than mostly in agreement over what we read. I shall pass on this one and save my money. Thanks for your honesty Susan.

message 9: by Karla (new)

Karla Well done Susan! Love your reviews.

message 10: by Baba (new)

Baba  Bummer. After reading your review I think I will save my money. :((
Nice review, Susan!

Sheri oh no, this does not sound promsing :(

Susan Sheri wrote: "oh no, this does not sound promsing :("

So sad because I really liked the first 2 books of the series. I want more Tristan and Jared!!! :)

figuranta❤️addicted❤️to❤️books❤️ ohh noooo i want more Tristan and Jared no sadist and other stuff this wont be no good 4 me in special if its with BDSM AND LOOKS PRETTY HEAVY i hope will be a 4 book with more Tristan and Jared. Awesome review Susan.

Monique I am totally with you on thus one Susan, I was hoping for so much more from a longer book, totally gutted:(

Macky Spot on with your great review Susan, I felt exactly the same! Shame. :(

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Tell me no, Susan. I know I shouldn't read this, but all the negative reviews are making me curious because neither author usually gets them.

I need someone to talk me down.

Monique Kate wrote: "Tell me no, Susan. I know I shouldn't read this, but all the negative reviews are making me curious because neither author usually gets them.

I need someone to talk me down."

I think you should go for it Kate, it can be read as a stand alone!

JustJen "Miss Conduct" Totally go for it! Reading the other reviews helped me go into it with a different mindset that enabled me to enjoy it quite a bit.

message 19: by Dd (new)

Dd Great review Susan!!:))

Rachel I definitely agree with you about Jared and Tristan. I was very captivated by them, despite their brief books. I was surprised that the third installment was not a deeper continuation of their story, but I believe there is more to come for them. ;)

As you state that you are not a BDSM fan (neither am I, though I found it passable in this and actually enjoyed it in A Thread of Deepest Black), are you not a fan for the sole reason you feel it is misrepresented in books? And if so have you found any books that you conclude have a more accurate representation of it?

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