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Finding Monsieur Right by Muriel Zagha
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I picked this book to read for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's been a while since I have read a chick-lit book, and secondly, I needed a Z author for my A-Z Challenge. So when I saw this book with it's lovely cover, I decided to give it a go.

The story follows two young women; Daisy and Isabelle, who decide to swap homes for a year. Daisy lives in London and works in fashion, while Isabelle is a French academic, living in Paris. Their personalities are completely different; Daisy is portrayed as a bubbly, frivolous person who isn't necessarily the brightest spark, while Isabelle is very intelligent, but somewhat reserved and serious.

I enjoyed the book in the way that I enjoy most chick-lit novels; it's fun and entertaining while I am reading it, but it's not something that I would necessarily ever reread. My main problem with Finding Monsieur Right is that the characters are written in such broad strokes. In the notes at the back of the book, the author states that she wanted to subvert expectations; instead of having the French character be a sex kitten, and the English character be reserved, she wanted to reverse the stereotypes. As a French woman now living in England, I suppose she's in the perfect position to do this, but something about it grated. All of the French characters were the same sort of repressed, conservative person, and all of the English characters were stereotypes of their own, whether it was the eccentric members of the literary group, the goths, or the gay housemate.

Having said all of that, things evened out as the novel went on, with both Isabelle and Daisy going on personal journeys in order to find happiness. Also, although he was something of a stereotype, Chrissie, the gay housemate was probably my favourite character, and did actually make me laugh out loud at one point.

I was veering towards giving this book two stars, but I'm inclined to be a bit more generous than that and bump it up to three.

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