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Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn
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4.5 stars - great!

First read August 10-11, 2013.
Reread January 20-21, 2017.

The below review is adapted/updated from my first review, after first reading.

I loved this book! Everything I like most in my fiction was in it: wonderful characters (likable heroes and villainous villains), an engaging story, plenty of action, great dialogue, a nice touch of humor and mystery, and steamy sex (lol).

Camille and her sisters are great! I'm really happy to have begun my journey on getting reacquainted with them, and their men. In this first book, told from Camille's point-of-view, we met only Camille's men (I think): Trillian, Morio, and Smoky. But they are all delightful, in different ways. :-)

I liked all the good guys, though of the guys, I'm not sure who I like best: probably Smoky, though, given how much I like dragon-shifters. Morio comes in at a close second. :-)

I also really liked the demons, though saying I "liked" them might be going too far. They were nicely creepy and dangerous, though. :-)

I fell in love with Maggie, the baby gargoyle. She is adorable! Iris and the other secondary characters were also very likable.

All told, in this book we met Faerie beings, a Talon-haltija (house sprite), demons, a gargoyle, a yokai-kitsune (fox demon), a dragon (!!!), a harpy, an Elemental (one of the Hags of Fate), a floraed, and an Elf. :-) I think that's all of them. Though there was also a giant (but (view spoiler)).

Really, I just loved everything about this story. The plot is basically this: A super-bad demon has taken over the Subterranean Realms and has designs on Earth and Otherworld, too. To further his plans, he needs spirit seals, but Camille and her sisters are doing everything in their power to find the seals first to prevent the Big Bad from accomplishing his goals.

Along the way to finding the first of the seals, we see Camille be reunited with one lover and meet one (or two?) more. We also meet a lot of new-to-us characters, friends of the D'Artigo sisters, and some enemies, some old and some new. :-)

All in all, I really love this story, this world (it's set mostly in Western Washington! In Seattle!), and these characters. The only reason I'm lowering my rating from 5 stars to 4.5 is because I did not laugh or cry during my reading of this book. . .

But it is a GREAT story.

And I'll close this review with a reiteration of my opening comment: I loved this book!
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100.0% "First book finished for the #24in48 Readathon. :-) I really love this story. In it, we meet Camille, her sisters, and her men. We also meet a fascinating assortment of other characters. It seems like "anything goes" is a good rule of thumb for the creatures and beings in this world. It's really great! :-)"
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