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In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters
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it was ok
bookshelves: historicalfiction, lameosity, scififantasy, miscsupernatural

Zzzzzzz.... *startles awake* Huh? What? Oh, I'm sorry I think I must have fallen asleep just thinking about writing this review. Hmmmm that reminds me of my experience reading this book. Go figure. Now I am a lovah of the historical fiction and a lovah of the supernatural. Spanish Influenza and WWI and seances? Yes, please! But no, dear readers, no. This book was just soooo disappointing. And it goes on... and on... and on... and on. You'll read passages like this: "I closed my eyes and pulled him closer still, until he surrounded me completely. Until I felt him inside my soul." I kid you not, dear readers, you will have the utmost sarcastic joy of reading crap like that and then, maybe like me, you'll keep on reading and plowing through and setting the book aside because you just can't bring yourself to read another few pages of descriptions about ambulances coming and going and little kids playing next to a pile of bodies and the boring narrator Mary Shelley talking about her childhood twoo wuv Stephen (I think that was his name), and then you' might pick it up again and say to yourself, "Self, if I can just go the distance *fist pump* I will find out why twoo wuv Stephen is so cranky and won't go to his eternal rest." Hmmmm yeah. It takes a whole lot of pages to get to the grand finale, people. A lot of pages. A lot. Of pages. I was bitter when I finished this. I want my time back. Ugh! I'll let you know that I'm giving this 2 stars instead of 1 because there is a pretty hawt scene involving ghost outercouse between Mary Shelley and twoo wuv Stephen. It was nice and a first for me. So yeah, there you go. Read at your own risk.
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