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Uh? This was supposed to be at least a 4 star read for me. I really wanted it to be. I have been counting down the months waiting for this book and it was supposed to be even better than book one in the series. But it wasn’t.

I liked it. It just wasn’t as great as I had hoped.

Our hero, Tony just wasn’t what I expected or had thought up in my mind based on book one and the author’s writing of previous characters (Landyn). I assumed the author would pull the same magic trick she did when I met Landyn in book one; she would force me to forgive him against my better judgment. Only to convince me that my judgment was misplaced and Landyn was really worth it. Tony, our hero in this book had me feeling hot and cold all the way through to the end. When he was good he was really good, when he was mean…well, he was just plain mean. I get it; he was hurt and felt betrayed, but come on. I hated that fact that he had such little faith when in reality there wasn’t much reason not to believe the truth of Trish’s words. Based on their past, he should have trusted her more and believed her. The cruelty of his words just didn’t add up to the intensity of his feelings for Trish in the end. I guess I just expected him to love, protect and honor as fiercely as Lan did in book one & two. Compared to Lan, Tony fell flat for me. He just held on too long to his convictions of what he thought happened. He also came off as a hypocrite. Those two things alone kept me feeling frustrated and emotionally detached to his character.

The prologue had me hooked. The anticipation for secrets and confessions to be revealed kept me drawn in the entire time and reading quickly. There were some really big moments in this story that should have received special attention and could have been amazing/meaningful but were semi- glossed over and felt kind of thrown away. Because of this, I hurt for Trish and in turn was let down by Tony. The author only allowed us a very small amount of time to forgive and believe in his love but by that time, the story was over. I needed more of the relationship build up/repair between Tony & Trish so that I could believe the past was gone and the future was bright. Because the main part of the book was so focused on miscommunications and misunderstandings (both of which are a killer for me), the ending just felt too rushed and forced.

All that aside, I really want the next book in the series. I want more Lex & Landyn, Tony & Trish and I am desperate to understand Adam’s story. I really do like this author and I have fallen in love with her cast of characters. When Adam’s story is released this summer, I will be first in line.
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Karen Lisa wrote: "Great review, Karen!"

Thanks, Lisa. This one was tough to write.

Michelle Spot on!!!! Love your review!!

Karen Michelle wrote: "Spot on!!!! Love your review!!"

Thanks, Michelle! Sounds like I am not alone - which makes me feel a little bit better. I really do like this author and I am so anxious for Adam's story.

Michelle Karen wrote: "Michelle wrote: "Spot on!!!! Love your review!!"

Thanks, Michelle! Sounds like I am not alone - which makes me feel a little bit better. I really do like this author and I am so anxious for Adam's..."

Me too about Reading Adam's story and loving the author! And I was glad I wasn't alone in not liking Tony! Reading reviews we both are not alone here lol which makes me feel like maybe I'm not a horrible bitch after all :)

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