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Club Dead by Charlaine Harris
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May 04, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy
Read in May, 2009

I think we're supposed to feel bad (and shocked!) at the disappearance of Sookie's lackluster vampire boyfriend Bill, but all I can say is...Good riddance! Unsurprisingly, Sookie and Bill's relationship is having issues, and rather than deal with them, both characters are in a snit throughout the entire novel. At least we don't really have to put up with Bill's side of it.

Eric is more and more enjoyably ridiculous (though I seriously hope he doesn't end up with Sookie), and the introduction of decent guy/werewolf Alcide does pose some promising possibilities for the future of Charlaine Harris' secondary characters.

I kept thinking we'd get more detail behind what exactly Bill is up to and why it's made him more of a jerk than normal, but instead, Harris leaves us hanging at the end. I get that this is a series, but tying up at least a few of the loose threads might've been nice. And there was no need to hammer home the true identity of the vampire Bubba so many times--we get it already! Aren't you so clever, making That Person a vampire! Ha ha, etc. etc., yawn.

I still really like the narrative voice, which is the only reason to stick with these books. It's also possible, strangely, to enjoy the voice without thinking particularly highly of Sookie (though when Sookie gets strong and independent, it's easy enough to like her very much; unfortunately, those times are few and far between, particularly in this book).

Oh, and remember how the first two books of this series were ostensibly mysteries? This one has some of those mystery thingummies, too. But said "mysteries" are either not explained at all (Bill's mission) or explained in a thoroughly haphazard, last-minute manner (who stuffed the dead were in Alcide's closet). Very poorly plotted.
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