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May 04, 2009

did not like it
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Recommended to Aquit by: Noone but somebody should had tied me up and warn me about how I
Recommended for: Noone unless you're interest in women who have no backbone and men who think with their dicks


I wish I can say how much I loved this book and how much the characters made me root for them ... but...

I can't, plain and simple. I refuse to call Lora’s characters as the "Hero" and "Heroine" since they are anything but that.

"Wild Card" was one of the first books I read from Lora Leigh and I admitted that I was anticipating an actual love story between the characters since the back cover seemed so interesting. But no, all I got was a book that was 418 pages long and half of them contained the words of "pussy" and "cock" and f**k. The sex scenes were intense but about halfway I was skipping them to make sure this was a romance novel and not the Kama Sutra with crappy dialog in-between.

When I read "Wild Card" I couldn't help but give in to the urge to cuss and throw the book across the room when I read just how cruel and disrespectful Noah was toward Bella. It took me awhile to pick up the book while wondering who the hell wants to constantly be told "you're the weaker sex therefore you're only good for f**king!" If my husband disrespected me just once he's in the dog house for a week; but in Bella's case she's just going to spread them wide.

Bella had no standard for herself and definitely no self-respect. Every time Noah would start "sexing" Bella up I wanted to clonk a hot frying pan at them; he seems to have a dick for a brain and Bella? Please, even a worm has better sense. She keeps getting aroused by his insulting words and big hard-on dick when what she should do is get some common sense and hit him in the groin--with a sledgehammer.

Noah and everyone around her kept telling Bella to have sex with Noah but NOBODY, not her friends nor her family, would tell her that he was her husband Nathan back from the dead. And Noah, this guy takes the cake and yes, he f**ks with it and gives it a great mind-blowing blow job and eats it too. Selfish and abusive. What a turn on. NOT. He didn't want Bella to know that he was her husband Nathan but oh no, it was alright to deceived her by telling her to "Get over your husband. I'm the man for you," as he's plowing into her like an animal in heat. I expected Bella to get mad as hell when she found out that Noah was actually Nathan but no, little Miss Sunshine just went along with his charade and still open her legs wide for him. It was unbelievable to the point of sickening. They truly deserved each other.

Noah and all of Lora's men have this anger management problem. They tend to jump into conclusion and say some pretty cruel stuff to the woman character and instead of leaving the idiots; these women go back to them. Reading her books are like: guy gets horny, girl is turn on, guy & girl fight, have sex, guy gets horny, girl is turn on, guy & girl fight, have sex, horny, fight, sex, horny, fight, sex, horny, fight, sex, fall in love, horny, fight, sex, and happy horny ending. Halfway through the book you would expect Bella to have a rat's nest for a head and Noah, a broken dick.

Lora Leigh has this fascination of verbally abusive men and weak willed women. Hell, she makes Diana Palmer's men look like angels with halos. All or most of her women are "untouched" and/or "virgins" and no offense but they make all virgins seem naive and desperate for sex. These "womanly virgins" are stupid, not realistic, has no standards, has no confidence, have a stick for a brain, and the only good usage for them is their pussy--according to the man of their dreams.

No wonder women, virgins in particular, are given a bad rep these days. They're only good for a quick laid, they would NEVER EVER get mad at their man no matter how much he deserves it and they're simply a doormat for anyone. I shudder to think that this is how all women want to be treated like.

Wild Card is just about a self-centered man and a dim-witted woman who distrusted each other from the beginning and through out the entire book. I want to point out that I find a hard time accepting their "relationship" if you can call it that as one that is based on a solid foundation of love and trust.
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The Romance Reviews (Carole) Wow. I was thinking to pick this up, but after reading your review, maybe not. I hate women who cry throughout the book. Makes me think they have nothing else to do. Have you read Possess Me at Midnight by Shayla Black? That's what the heroine did, though she did show some metal in some parts of the book. BUt not enough to make me like it or to continue reading the series.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 1 star

Amy Thank you! I am shocked at the high ratings on this. It was just absolutely ridiculous.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you, was just considering reading this but I cannot abide abusive men or weak willed women. Eurgh, so Lora Leigh is on my never read again list.

An Odd1 Where do all the high ratings come from (one warning about "kinky" among so-called "romance", "hot"?)? Because we did keep on reading? We skipped the repetitious boring 'spank me, lick me, f- me "baby" harder faster', because a story and real people seem to lurk beneath? A bleach blonde teen bimbo finally grows up and lets her fingernails get car oil underneath, hair go natural; a horny boy tries to be the bigshot control-all -- hmm, and doesn't grow up? Suddenly it must be the happy end because she is pregnant?

The twist over the traitor also hints at potential for surprise plot lines. Too bad the bad outweighs the good. Maybe harsher, more disappointing because led on to finish, looking for something more?

Shay LOL at this harsh review, this book isn't for everybody I guess. I love Lora Leigh books and Wildcard just so happens to be one of my favorite books, I think people should read it and make up their own minds about it. LMAO

message 6: by zoegrl (new)

zoegrl LMAO I agree with you Shay. I think it may be a book I'll enjoy. ;-)

London Have to agree with you on this review 100%. I absolutely hated Nathan/Noah! He was a selfish, insensitive, manipulative prick. He could see that he was torturing his wife but he was so god damn selfish he didn't care about her feelings. It's like WTF you jerk she's been grieving you for 6 damn years and you had to force more pain on her? I wish she had dropped kicked his ass to the curb and left town to find a man that was worthy of her love. Even worse that he wasn't even the one to come clean in the end, he realized she knew and if she hadn't shown him he probably wouldn't have said anything. blekh

message 8: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine I enjoyed it and the whole series .

message 9: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine I enjoyed it and the whole series .

message 10: by Michele (new) - added it

Michele I tried to read it but just couldn't go through with it. Thats not usual for me. I can normally get through any book as I really want to know the outcome. Not this time !

message 11: by Grace (new) - added it

Grace I think I am going to pass on this book thanks to this review. "Cockstruck" heroines who loose all common sense and are willing to accept the hero's a-hole treatment because their poor female minds become addled and pliant in the presence of his hard-on are becoming way too common in my opinion! It's one of the qualities I just can't tolerate in a heroine.

message 12: by SweetSue (new)

SweetSue Another DNF here. I thought I could deal with this better than her paranormals but no, basically the same stuff.

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