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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
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Sep 01, 2007

really liked it

I am a word nerd, as most of my friends know (and most are themselves, which is why we are friends!). Among the things that bug me are people who mispronounce nuclear as nu-cu-ler (ahem, President Bush). If you are one of these people, stop it. Stop it now. There is only one "u" in the word. My husband is one of these people and is trying to reform. The one time in my life that GWB has been useful to me. I am also aggravated by foliage pronounced or spelled as foilage. Huh? That doesn't make sense. And I prefer empathic over empathetic. I realize both are technically correct, but I suspect that empathetic got in there b/c the grammar gods threw in the towel.

What does this have to do with Harry, you ask? Well, Ms. Rowling, who is not, as we all admit, the world's greatest writer while being a helluva story teller, constantly, constantly, constantly writes "try and." This drives me insane. It's fine if she's writing dialogue since this is, in fact, what people say. But to write it as part of your story it should be "try TO." Stupid, but I had to vent somewhere.

Venting, mainly because I find writing about these books difficult. What is there left to say? Each one gets better and Prisoner of Azkaban is a huge leap beyond Chamber of Secrets (which is, as I've said before, almost the same book as Sorcerer's Stone). Love the development of the story, love Sirius, love Lupin, love how well Rowling can read and write about the teenaged mind. My 20th high school reunion is coming up and I'm not going for a million and one reasons, but it still has me thinking back to adolescence and pre-adolescence a lot, and she is right on the money. I only wish I could have gone somewhere as interesting as Hogwarts instead of the average American hellhole where I ended up. Wizarding thing aside, is it the boarding school aspect of it that seems so enticing? Can't tell.

Another question about Harry's world, though, and I'm going to jump ahead to Goblet of Fire to ask it. Why can't the Weasleys use magic more to make their lives better? Mrs. Weasley gets entire meals to come out of her wand, so why can't Ron just fix up his dress robes or the hole in his bedspread? Why does his stuff have to be such rubbish? Hermione fixes an entire broken pane of glass on the train and he can't magic his clothes to be nicer? It seems inconsistent to me, although I'm sure if I cared enough, there are chatboards galore that would explore these same questions with me. I don't care that much.

I also have, I must confess, the world's hugest crush on the film version of Lucius Malfoy. Love that blond wig! In the books, however, Bill Weasley just seems like the coolest guy going. Just wanted to share.
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Becky Susan, I completely understand your frustration with mispronounced words... I have that same pet peeve. Here's one of my favorites, if we can call it that: "Fustrated" Two Rs there, not one!

Anyway, to answer your question, if I recall correctly, magic has a "life-span", so anything conjured should disappear after a while. The window Hermione fixed would remain fixed because it was originally there.

Fred and George Weasley's banner and their fireworks display in Book 5 are two examples of this. After a while the magic starts to run down and then stops altogether. Also, I am fairly sure that Mrs. Weasley isn't conjuring food out of her wand, but is magically preparing it from food they already have through her wand. I could be wrong about this though, since I've never seen the Weasley's pantry!

I hope that makes sense!

Rebekah Totally agree with the crushes. Jason Issacs is one of those people who is handsome and is very charismatic, when he/Lucius isn't a snot. Even in movie 7.1 when he's a downtrodden mess.
And Bill, yes. As Harry says, he's just cool (and considerate too).

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