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May 02, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: monson-christine, asscrack-heroes, revenge-gone-wrong

** spoiler alert ** Of all forbidden-luv theme I’ve read the last 16 yrs, this was probably the most memorable 1, not in a good way tho’, thanx to the slew of appalling, shudders-inducing, stomach-churning experiences heroine suffered thru’. Just when I thought things could not have gotten worse for the heroine, they did. How in holy hell Kit’s sanity & physical being could survive intact w/ 1 paralyzing terror after another, was a miracle indeed. H/H ended up w/ a dubious HEA, but I just wasn’t sure if the vicious cycle wouldn’t continue off screen (the string of atrocities the hero committed & endless dire circumstances befallen Kit made me wonder). I didn’t think this shoulda been categorized as ‘romance’, it reads more like a historical fiction & an antidote to ‘romance’. The 2 stars were for the fact that I read the epic saga from cover to cover & it’s a v. well written story, despite the hardcore demoralizing things inflicted on both H/H (esp the heroine) & the distasteful series of cheating. So much hate & heartaches going on that’ll make even a seasoned reader flinch & squirm. I finished it last weekend, couldn’t look away, like a horrific train wreck that mesmerized me, but I felt like it’s imperative to overdose on cotton candy romances to shake off the aftershocks & as a reminder of why I read ‘romance’ in the 1st place =)~ Lotsa repetitive patterns of cringe-worthy abuse & cruelties to warrant a lifetime restraining order against the hater. I didn’t lose sleep over it, but I see now what the fuzz is all about. I’d never read a heroine in peril, whose dignity was stripped in an awful manner like this. H/H had the most volatile, dysfunctional relationship in romancelandia, bar none.

Some dishonorable mentions of what Kit – damsel in perennial distress - went thru’, dramatic twists, outrageous turns & interminable conflicts between H/H :
• The hero showed his true colors by breaking men’s code of honor @ 1st meeting between H/H after she’s kidnapped @ 16 y/o. She spit @ him & was promptly rewarded w/ a brutal backhand slap that bloodied her nose.
• He smeared his blood on her boobs (she raked her claws @ his cheek & chest) to make her slippery, then the revenge-driven hero took her by brute force, wiped her tattered undergarments w/ the mixture of blood & seed & gift-wrapped it to be sent to Kit’s dad, Sean’s nemesis. In the aftermath he wondered why she wailed during her nitemare-ladden sleep.
• He starved & worked her like a dog that she fainted dead away, shaking & stirring feelings & sympathy outta hero’s bro (who later on turned out to be no better than hero, he raped heroine & wreaked havoc in H/H’s lives).
• After her futile attempt to escape & to gut him w/ an ax & a blade, Sean bound Kit’s wrists, tied ‘em to his horse’s tail, dragged her like a rag doll all the way back & kindly expanded her limited swear vocabs on the journey.
• Sean’s oh-so-romantic idea of sparkling jewelries : a leg iron (w/ ball & chain) around her ankle, plus an iron-band collar around her neck.
• After rescuing Kit from his men’s gropings & near-rape, he clipped her to his bed & uttered a classis line : “U rode my nag until he nearly dropped. Now I’m going to ride U…”, then raped the defenseless Kit again & again.
• Sean spanked Kit viciously as retaliation for giving his housekeeper her foul recipe for curing his headaches the morning after & molested her.
• When she refused his summons to come to him, he broke her door down & raped her. Incomprehensible to me, she broke the cardinal rule of “Don’t fall in luv w/ your abusive rapist even if he’s a chick magnet” (BTW, he still boinked his long-time mistress whenever he’s away from his sex slave).
• Kit almost expired from drowning in the hands of a daft co-worker & Sean pumped her back to life. Her near-death experience must’ve been a turn on, as he just couldn’t keep it in his pants. After nursing her, he made luv to her, weakened state & all. This poor gal just couldn’t catch a break =^D
• Across the pond (England), he slept w/ another lady, in-between his meticulously-planned mission in destroying Kit’s father’s rep & dwindling coffers. @ the same time back home, Kit had her hands full of thwarting Liam’s (Sean’s bro) increasingly-amorous attentions & marriage proposals
• Nice chap that he is, Sean took Kit sailing to please her. @ the end of their journey, he showed her the ruins of his home & the devastation of Kit’s father’s reign of terror. Reliving the nitemare & so engulfed in hatred, he almost gutted Kit until she fainted & he came outta his murderous spell just in the nick of time. U’d think they woulda realized by now to steer clear of each other as 1 of these days 1 or both of ‘em might end up 6 FT under.
• Back on the ship, he taunted her to kill him & she stabbed him (for real). Predictably, their turbulent encounter left ‘em breathless w/ molten lust, so lovers’ spat turned into another passionate race to the finish line.
• Liam persuaded Kit to accept his proposal & to sabotage Sean’s rebellion against the crown, all ‘cuz she didn’t want Napoleon in Ireland & wanted to warn the authorities, even if it’ll cost Sean his life & the lives of others. She under-estimated Liam & got herself off the frying pan into the inferno when her hubby claimed his privileges by raping her on their wedding nite’ in a cave.
• After recapturing Kit, Sean – supposedly following his Irish tradition for traitresses – sawed off Kit’s glorious crown down to her scalp then assaulted her brutally over & over again.
• The dawn after, the demented so-called hero slapped garish make up on her face, stripped her naked & gave her away to 5 of his men to do as they wished, then he scampered. He rode like the devil ‘till he got thrown off the horse & slipped into oblivion, only realizing what he’d done to her when he’s awake. He saw the bloody negligee & thought it was too late. Li’l did he know that Kit was already preggers w/ his child when he did this. Did he grovel & beg for her forgiveness ? Nope, he confined her in a dank cell & went back to his mistress, who – w/out his knowledge – starved Kit for 3 months ‘till she’s all skin & bone.
• He meant to marry his evil mistress & only found out the condition in which Kit was kept when he finally went to see her. The only comeuppance the petty mistress got was a bitchslap. Kit remained his captive, albeit in a nicer surroundings upstairs. He had the audacity to flaunt his new, nicer mistress in Kit’s face, still no clue that Kit’s carrying his unborn babe.
• Throughout the book, Sean called her “English, cat, bitch, slut, little viper, skinny carcass, Miss Snivel etc”. When she refused his order to be examined by the concerned physician & she labeled his mistress a ‘whore’ to his face, he grabbed her by the hair & smacked Kit so brutally that she went spinning & striking the corner of his desk, cracking 3 of her ribs. He told her to go riding w/ him & Co. the next day.
• By not telling Sean ‘bout her delicate condition & that her pain-riddled broken self wasn’t really favorable to riding (tightly-bound ribs & a cut lip), the TSTL heroine jeopardized herself & her unborn baby by persevering. He ridiculed her snail’s pace & the death-defying heroine responded to his taunting by galloping & jumping over a wall, getting squashed by the screaming horse. Seeing her gruesome injuries (a bone protruding thru’ skin, no less), he turned into panic mode. Didn’t he go thru’ this before ?
• Instead of standing by her, the b@llless hero tried to run @ the sight of her distended belly. W/ a new set of injuries (a punctured lung), Kit precariously clung to life. Sean tried to drink himself to death, wrecked by remorse that he’d heaped all these agonies on her head & Kit’s been carrying a dead baby due to months of malnourishmen. It woulda been more merciful to just let the heroine expire instead of prolonging her suffering. Turns out, falling off a horse was actually a blessing in disguise, ‘cuz otherwise she woulda died of system poisoning w/in a month. Committing suicide as penance @ this point wouldn’t be enough to redeem himself, so he sucked it up & nursed Kit’s body back to health. Mentally battered, Kit took a long-overdue vacay outta reality for > 1.5 yrs.
• The funniest thing happened when she came outta her empty shell. She told him that their child died for the offenses she’s committed against God. Sean told Kit that he never meant to hurt her. What a joke, after all he put her thru’, he tried to rationalize his bizarre behavior that he degraded her outta jealousy < Rolls eyes >. Kit shoulda had the common sense to stay away from him, but nope, she got pissy when she learned of his intentions of martyrdom by pushing her away. He almost slapped & raped her again during a picnic. Didn’t Sean ever learn his lessons ? Well, obviously not.
• Just when happiness is finally w/in their grasp, Liam returned to drop the bombshell, the irrefutable proof that Kit was actually – gasp ! - their sister. W/out telling her why, he sent her back to her father’s England nest.
• When Sean’s captured by her father, pregger Kit used her wiles & body to entice a powerful French Prince for favors & he agreed to claim parentage of her unborn child, ‘cuz her cold-blooded father would try to terminate her to get his grubby paws on her inheritance.
• Fighting tooth & nail, mortally wounded Sean (crastrated, beaten to a messy pulp & shot) was tossed out w/ other corpses into the snow. He crawled to a temporary refuge where he finally reunited w/ Kit. Thru’ a li’l bit of luck & help from good samaritans, they barely escaped England by a boat to Ireland.
• During his convalescence, the ungrateful bipolar @$$ was – once again - stricken w/ jealousy & lashed out on Kit, for bartering herself (also ‘cuz the lusty French Prince still had both of his b@ll$ - how petty of Sean) & he had the gall to question Kit the paternity of their unborn child.
• Kit became the object of Napoleon’s lust & she married her ol’ flame, an ascending French General, to avoid being Napoleon’s mistress & for the umpteenth time, to save Sean’s hide. Under scrutiny, Sean fought duel after duel & drowned his sorrow & heartbreak by being a regular client @ his ol’ flame’s den in Paris. Kit’s 2nd hubby turned out to be another untrustworthy, abusive creep. H/H were reduced to pining away & stealing chaste glances @ each other, unable to express their forbidden luv openly
• The drama escalated to a crescendo (runaway Kit was about to give birth just as Sean’s being hunted down by her bloodthirsty hubby). In the end H/H found out the real truth of their relationship. They’ve been played like a yo-yo by fate & evil villains. The final reunion & HEA – after a 4-year gap - were the only dim light in a v. long & dark tunnel.

This was 1 f-d up book LOL...
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message 1: by Dina (new)

Dina OH. MY. GOD! What a horrible, horrible book! Thanks for saving me the trouble of ever reading this craptastic book, Verity!

Holly Wasn't this horrible, Verity! I hated this book. Hated it, hated it, hated it. But you got to give a thumbs up to this authoress. It takes balls to write something as awful as this.

Holly Right now I'm reading another one of your favorite books, Verity. TD's The Silver Devil. I have to ask. Which was worse? Or, which was better?

Verity LOL... Dina, I got this as a freebie from Catheryne Rob, a regular Ami poster. If U wanna read this book (that is, if U ever run outta TBR hahahahaaa...), just ask her to loan it 2 U. I'm about to return it to her 'cuz I read it last weekend but I work 9 - 5:30 pm, no time to go to P.O. I'm gonna return via priority mail, to salve my guilt-ridden conscience =)~

Yeah it was horrific but I admired her ability to capture my attention from beginning to the end. I had moments where I wondered, WTF was she thinking when she wrote this ? Oh no, dudette ! I HATED 'Silver Devil' even more than this. I paid $ 13 for it & gave it away for free to another Ami poster (1st come, 1st serve). 'Stormfire' was a better calibre, IMHO, but the hero in both books were despicable. I guess I rated 'Stormfire' 1 star higher 'cuz I luv EPIC romances & I thought it had more vivid portrayals of the H/H, villains, setings & historical context. Hope U get more satisfaction outta TSD than I did =^D

message 5: by Dina (new)

Dina No no no, Verity, I do not want to read this book! Your review was enough to give me nightmares, LOL.

Verity U know, that's exactly what CR told me when she mailed it to me, she had nitemares, so I doused myself mentally w/ sweet images from my fav books. I hope I'm not scarred for life heheheee...

Holly We'll see. It's not capturing my attention like Stormfire did. While I despised Stormfire, I have to acknowledge the author's flair.

Anyway, props to you for reading it all the way through. I had to stop halfway through the book and take a break for four months before I could pick it back up. I remember it was after the rib poking incident and starved baby that I had to put the book down. I remember being so mad that I was shaking.

Verity LOL... I actually read the 1st 50-something pages the day I got it in my mailbox, then took a 4-day breather before resuming on Saturday & finished @ 2 am, it was that riveting for me. OMG my stomach just dropped to my ankle when I read that protruding bone & carrying dead baby in her womb, on top of all the wince-inducing rapes. Ouwweee... I felt a bit sick but I kept on reading 'cuz time was the essence. I spend almost every waking moment after work, babysitting so I gotta lap up every word when I can.

seton Nobody asked me but my 2 cents is that I found SILVER DEVIL drier than STORMFIRE. Say what you want but STORMFIRE was very riveting in places.

I have read 2 other Monsons but neither was as BSC as this one.

Verity Not only dry, the hero in TSD was a mad twisted man, like he was on acid or something. Breaking a man's legs for no reason other than that they're longer than his own legs, man, that's way too extreme. Not to mention he tortured the poor young man (who offered the heroine a hand as she stepped up to the horse, or smiled @ her ?) & then dragged the frightened heroine to witness his broken body in the dungeon, he's too dreadful & not heroic in my book. I didn't wanna have recurring nitemares by having it in my collection so I got rid of it pronto after reading it. Lo & behold, the gal who got it really luved it !

message 11: by Corrine (new)

Corrine Wow... just wow. Kudos to you guys for actually reading this. I think I would have set it on fire after the first rape.

Verity Yeah the 1st brutally painful rape occurred v. early, on page 30-something, but in terms of CM's writing skills, it wasn't bad @ all. Only the content & hero's behavior that were a big turn off. That sick dude was a sure candidate for anger management program. No respect for women, his mind was poisoned by how his beloved mom was brutally raped & killed by Kit's dad's henchmen. Unforgivable & anti-hero for me.

I'll only pick up another CM book if I ever finish reading my teetering TBR pile someday, which is mission : impossible =^B

Holly Okay I finished The Silver Devil. And now that I am no longer in 110 degree heat and sober instead of drunk, I ended up loving every single bit of it.

Verity LOL... it's that hot over there, huh ? It's so darn warrrmmmm here, wish I could wear a tank top to work.

I hated every single bit of it. Couldn't warm up to the creepy hero @ all, no matter how much he was obsessed w/ whatsherface. It was 1 weird book =^2

seton I am more surprised by Holly "hating" STORMFIRE than I am of Holly loving SILVER DEVIL. She DOES like those unPC romances, doesnt she?

message 16: by Holly (last edited Aug 07, 2009 07:58PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Holly seton wrote: "I am more surprised by Holly "hating" STORMFIRE than I am of Holly loving SILVER DEVIL. She DOES like those unPC romances, doesnt she?"

LOL! What can I say? I am one twisted girl. I think it helped that (for the most part) he never really hurt her. He may have been batshit crazy, but he never hurt her. (I forgive the whack to the face because I think he had completely checked out from reality at that point) Unlike Sean. Who did everything possible to physically and psychologically hurt her. I also loved it how Domenico always made sure she was taken care of when he was not there. Unlike Sean, who left her in the care of his mistress, and we all know how that ended up. Argh. I hate Sean so much. Just thinking of him is making me angry again.

message 17: by Holly (last edited Aug 07, 2009 08:01PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Holly Verity wrote: "LOL... it's that hot over there, huh ? It's so darn warrrmmmm here, wish I could wear a tank top to work."

Right now its been around 100 degrees during the day. Last week it was about 110.

Right now (for me at least) its totally bearable and I like it.

Verity The so-called hero scared the living daylights outta me, for the things he did to other people. I couldn't see what she saw in him @ all. I actually felt sorry for her that she ended up falling for him, 'cuz I wasn't sure if he'd someday do worse to other people just 'cuz they're being friendly to her.

Holly Yeah, I'm not too sure of his grasp on reality. Now, don't get me wrong. If I saw him walking down the street in Romancelandia, I would run screaming in the other direction. But while safely in my bedroom, surrounded by my fierce guard dogs, I'm pretty sure I could take him down if need be.

message 20: by K. (new) - rated it 3 stars

K. LOL! Hey Verity, loved the outcome of your "Stormfire" read. (Cathyrne should put a post-it note in the inside cover of that thing to track the "miles" it's traveled (ala paperbackswap! ;) Your read reminds me of following Holly's initial "*stop to thrown-up in mouth a bit* continue reading enjoyment" . . . of the book. HAHA! The ongoing "car-crash, rubbernecking read" that is "Stromfire." I wonder if the ONE Ami supporter that will "defend it with her last breath" posts here??!! ;D

Verity Well U're lucky, Holly, to have your fierce guard dogs to be your shields. My dog was a puny Pekingese whose bark was worse than his bite. I have an acute sense of smell, so if TSD bizarro hero ever came w/in 10-mile radius (cue eerie "Psycho" theme), I'd simply make myself go poof ! & disappear into thin air =^P

Verity K, whoa U actually finally joined our humble site. Whodathunk ? Yeah CR got it back today. I got kinda nervous that it might get lost in the mail, esp after seeing the astronomical prices online. I've had several lost packages in the mail (or delivered to another address in my neighborhood - the postman must've been freakin' blind as a bat to have missed my visible mansion) so I don't trust P.O. What a relief it's arrived safely (I bought DC to track it).

CR said it best, it's a well-travelled book. I personally wouldn't have shelled out more than 2 bucks if I was desperate enuff to buy online =)~

message 23: by new_user (last edited Aug 22, 2009 03:45PM) (new)

new_user Verity wrote: "This was 1 f-d up book..."

And how. LOL.

message 24: by Maureen (new) - added it

Maureen Feeney This is one of the best reviews I have ever read.
My hat is off to you.

Verity Thanx, Maureen 8^P

Annabel Joseph oh my gosh, you almost killed me just now laughing at your retelling of all the ways he abused her. I mean, seriously, spread out over the course of the book, you think, "This is ridiculous" but when you read that whole list it just really is funny.

I will always respect the author for having the ballz to write this saga but oh man, when you called him a bipolar ass I spit diet coke all over my keyboard.


Verity Haha... hope your keyboard's waterproof. Yeah she's a brave soul indeed for having the cojones to unleash this epic torture in writing. It's prolly 1 of the toughest hair-raisers I've evah had to endure ;^B

Loederkoningin Oh wow, I have no words...:D *hums happily and adds this to TBR*

message 29: by Candy Aya (new)

Candy Aya Nope. No way I'm gonna touch this book. I cringed after reading your review. The H is an A-hole of first class order.

message 30: by Fridayschild2012 (new)

Fridayschild2012 castrated??? eeep!

message 31: by Chantal ❤️ (new)

Chantal ❤️ Wow thanks for the review saved me a bad day for sure. Can't stand asshole that rape and abuse. Not romance its discussing. Why would they recommend this book to me?

message 32: by Kyria (new)

Kyria Collins Uh....okay, this novel sounds sick and twisted. Just please tell me HOW can rape, imprisonment, torture and abuse lead to true love?? It's DISGUSTING! And him being handsome doesn't excuse the abhorrent crimes he commits against her! Yeesh, and I thought "Wuthering Heights" was nuts, but it least that had class, substance, intrigue, grit, realism and intelligence plus artistic and poetic creativity and originality! This novel was a shipwreck unable to be salvaged!

message 33: by Jen (new) - rated it 1 star

Jen Holy Shit. I am very glad I stopped reading it when I did. I got up to the part where Sean escaped the prison pit of corpses, found Kit & she was trying to nurse him to health.

message 34: by Leigh (new)

Leigh Wow what a great review! I remember my friend recommended me this but she forgot to lend me this. She was fascinated with the drama and the sex scenes hahaha! I don't know if the sex scenes are explicit or not but reading from the summary, my goodness, the Hero was horrible and I wished that the heroine just died hahaha.

message 35: by Raynell (new)

Raynell I feel like this is the plot of every single bondage and humiliation hentai out there. Great review. Thanks for saving me from this book.

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