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Avoiding Temptation by K.A. Linde
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October 3rd

Ok, so I have been DYING for this book since I finished Avoiding Responsibility last year. The first two books left me ABSOLUTELY wrecked...but I'm kind of peeved about the blurb. Why is Lexi juggling the burgeoning affections of three different men? I don't know about anyone else, but when I finished Avoiding Responsibility, I was absolutely elated that Lexi had actually stuck up for herself and put Jack in his place and then left with Ramsey.

Honestly, Team Ramsey all the way. If she ends up with anyone else, I will be SHATTERED. Especially if it's Jack-Ass. Because he needs help and he is incapable of having a healthy relationship. If he cheats WITH YOU, he will cheat ON YOU. I don't care what he tells Lexi, actions speak louder than words...he is not a good person or a good boyfriend. /THE END/

December 10

Ok, just finished...I will write a proper review after I've had time to stew over this, but I will just say this: I was Team Jack for all of book 1 and even most of book 2, when I finally saw the light and switched to Team Ramsey. After re-reading the entire series, that just solidified to me why Ramsey is the best...with that said, I went into AT with the mentality of "Team anyone but Jack" because I just had this feeling that Ramsey wasn't going to be the HEA and I wanted to prepare myself. After all, there was NO WAY Jack could even be a contender at this point and...

(view spoiler)

Here we go with the real review. I just cannot get over the end of this book. I feel robbed, cheated and lied to. I was perfectly content with the way AR ended. Lexi finally put Jack(ass) in his place. She was a changed woman. Avoiding Temptation had her going back on all of that. This book taught me that the nice guy really does finish last. Jack was an asshole to Lexi for about 10 years. HE MARRIED ANOTHER GIRL. Not to mention the 5 million other terrible things he did to Lexi over the years.

If that doesn't scream "DOUCHEBAG" I don't know what does.

The problem with Jack this entire book is that he didn't even try to make up for anything or redeem himself. He was going through a low point in his life and he expected Lexi to be there. He told her that he loved her (yea, we haven't heard that before...) and Lexi falls at his feet.

Ramsey changed his life for her, and I get that his lifestyle was one that she didn't want, but what did Jack ever do? What kind of effort did he ever put into his relationship with Lexi? Besides having sex with her and then leaving her for another girl?

Jack is a JACK. ASS. And it pisses me off that he gets the girl without doing anything redeemable.

I don't buy it. I would have been happy with any ending other than this one. I would have been happy if Lexi said "Screw you!" to all guys and left on her own. I would have been happy with another guy in the picture. Anything as long as it wasn't Jack.

But enough about Jack.

On to Ramsey. I don't think I need to name the million reasons why I feel he's a better man (he proved it in every book just by putting Lexi first,) but I am soooooooooooooo upset that we find out that Ramsey was in fact an upstanding gentleman who fiercely loved Lexi, but he was robbed of his happiness. WHY DOES JACK GET TO BE HAPPY? HE DOES NOT DESERVE IT.

The entire time Lexi is second guessing her engagement with Ramsey and all that it really made me want to do was grab her by the shoulders and shake her. She told Ramsey that he was a good guy, just not a good guy for her and the only explanation I got was because of his money/lifestyle????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I do not feel that this was an organic ending. I feel that it was forced in this direction from the beginning. Like I said, I was Team Ramsey, but I really would have been okay with any HEA other than Jack because it just didn't feel right. I feel that everything we have been working toward for 2 books was shattered in this one.

There was just too much working against Ramsey in this book and my heart truly breaks for him. I just...can't even get past this. And then Lexi runs off and has sex with Jack as soon as she leaves Ramsey's?

It makes me sick.
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13.0% "love how jack is treating lexi...just like he always has. what a douche. TEAM RAMSEY."
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Claudia Ramírez Your review is everything I thought of this book.

Nikki Clau wrote: "Your review is everything I thought of this book."

I'm glad I'm not the only one. From what I've seen, there are only a few who are not happy. Most seem to be content with the way everything ended.

Lariza Great review felt the same way glad im not alone!!!

Joanna you guys are not alone.. i am so upset with the ending.. besides for ramsey... how about clark?! where did that come from? I hate it when characters get thrown under the bus for other people's HEA. did lexi and jack really need all that money? no. i would have been happier if the trial ended and they got nothing or 50/50.

Nikki Joanna wrote: "you guys are not alone.. i am so upset with the ending.. besides for ramsey... how about clark?! where did that come from? I hate it when characters get thrown under the bus for other people's HEA...."

The whole Clark thing was ridiculous...him and Lexi happened YEARS ago. I think a lot of that stuff got thrown in at the end just for the added "wow/drama" factor (which I hate.)

This whole entire book was way overhyped. I had originally rated it 3 stars, but felt that was a bit too generous after I stewed over the treatment of Ramsey.

I wanted her to end up with Ramsey, but honestly, her and Jack deserve each other. They are both vile people. Besides Chyna, I think Ramsey was the only one who grew in this entire series, but he got thrown away like trash. And it made me SO mad what Lexi told him about Jack's ring when she broke up with him (how rude?!?!)

I don't think I will be reading anything else from K.A. Linde after how the readers/reviewers have been treated in the past 2 days.

Staci I totally agree with everything you said.. All I can say about this book is Jack is still a jackass, Lexi is still stupid, and (although he had his negative moments also) Ramsey is so far above all of them. Jack and Lexi deserve each other.

Mallory Great review, Nikki :)I agree with you 100% I am Team Ramsey for the pure fact that he is a great guy who deserves better. My whole problem is that Lexi picked Jack, who married someone else... and on top of that was faithful to his wife when he was never faithful to Lexi or put her first.

I'm pretending like this book didn't happen because I am just so disappointed.

message 8: by Happy (new)

Happy Good thing i read your review. Now i know that i would not be reading this book. I am team ramsey all the way and knowing that he wont get a hea just plainly enrages me. And to think that freaking asshole jack does. Huh! Talk about undeserving.

Thank you for saving me from all the heartaches.

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