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Storm Front by Jim Butcher
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Apr 30, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: did-not-finish, fairies, magic, paranormal, urban-fantasy, vampires, witches-wizards

I actually heard of this series by catching the short-lived tv series loosely based on these books. I thought the show was kind of fun and wanted to someday read the books. I got to close to halfway through this book and had to give up. I thought the main character was pretty interesting and the set up for his world was pretty interesting too though.

You don't get many hints about Harry Dresden's past, other than he's not on the good side of a magical authority called The White Council. He's a wizard and while he was really young he accidentally killed a young woman. He currently does freelance work and is on call with the Chicago police department. The story opens with him getting a call from an officer asking him to look at a murder scene. It's pretty gruesome and Harry tells them that the murderer used black magic to kill the victims. They want further help with finding the murderer but to do so Harry could potentially get himself in further trouble with the White Council. So what is Harry to do?
I liked a lot of things with this book, but what made me stop is that it's very sloooooooooooow. It didn't have a lot of action going on, with Harry not being an action kind of guy. It just sort of followed Harry around while he went to the pub and ate some food, caught a fairy and interrogated him, went home and made some potions, etc. It was like I kept expecting Harry to do something interesting and it wasn't happening. Even when he went to meet the mysterious Bianca, a very powerful vampire, it was mostly them just talking. I'm sure some people wouldn't mind the slow start, and in general the writing was pretty good. I just got tired of waiting for things to pick up.
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CaliGirlRae I hear some folks who didn't enjoy the first few books enjoyed the next few. It definitely picks up in the action department as you read on. (I can attest to that) :-)

If you don't mind audio books, James Marsters of Spike fame on Buffy and P.S. I Love You does an *excellent* reading for all the characters on there. He's like a one man show and that's mainly how I read the series. He's just so addicting. :-D

Hope you enjoy it if you do continue on!

Sarah ~Sehrenity~ I second giving it a try on audio. I couldn't get into reading Storm Front; in fact, I picked it up and put it down twice. I switched to the audio after that, and now I love the series. I'm dying for the rest to come out on audio.

Summer lol I didn't know James Marsters did the reading on the audio books. I might give the audio books a shot sometime then.

Beanbag Love Book three is where the series picks up in a big way. And the audio books are some of the best I've ever listened to. James Marsters is an excellent reader and he's done all of them, so no voice change-up trauma.

I highly recommend sticking with Dresden. But then, I'm an addict. ;D

The Flooze Funny. When I saw you were reading this one, I was going to comment "Go into it with low expectations."

The series is so hyped, but I'd heard before reading that the first book was very slow and suffered majorly from First Book Syndrome. Thusly prepared, I liked it more than I thought I would.

Looks like I should have warned you!!

The series DEFINITELY picks up and there's a lot more action. There's even more action in this book, but towards the end.

Selena Haha i agree with all previous comments!

Samantha Cutler I am near the end of the series or at least almost current and I swear that Harry should be dead by now with all of the trouble that he gets himself into.

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