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Doctor Who by James Swallow
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Apr 28, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2009

** spoiler alert ** First things first of course: I loved it. It was really, really, really good. Couldn't compete with The Deviant Stain yet but it's still great.
First of all that setting: the Wild Wild West. Cowboys, sheriffs, horses, wooden houses, saloons, deserts, bandits. All that jazz! Lovely.
You get really creepy aliens who turn out to be weapons or rather instruments, as they say. You even get a full background story to them. And that's what makes it really interesting, because in most Doctor Who books I've read (and listened to) you always get aliens like: "Yeah, they do that and that because of that. Finish."
Here you know what they are made of, and in the end, I think, it even makes sense.

Then, there's Martha of course. Haha, oh she was awesome. We start of on this planet where the Doctor and her wanted to go to the movies. Alas, the theatre is closed. Emo Martha. So, instead of not watching a western in that super comfy theatre the Doctor goes and takes her to the Wild West. Fun times!

There was this one scene which makes the book dearly and special. It's the scene when Martha gets shot by the outlaws. It's especially a good scene because you get the description of that wound by Martha, the doctor to be, who knows what happens to her body. And that was quite scary. She knows when she's cold that she's experiencing shock. She dealt with lots of wounds like these herself and it's rather shocking how detailed her experience is described.

But apart from all the angst you get lots and lots of references for Rose (yeah, you've been waiting for that comment, didn't you?).
First, when the Doctor drags Jenny into the TARDIS after she's been wounded by one of the outlaws. He tells Martha to get a medical kit which he picked up from New Earth when he and Rose were there. After the job is done and Jenny has been saved Martha even wonders aloud whom the jacket belongs to the medical kit was standing on. Emo Doctor for several moments.

Second, and I don't really know why this even happened, was when the Doctor, Martha and Nathan were on their way to Ironhill. They had to go by horse and Martha decided out of the blue that her horse should be called Rose. Eh? The Doctor didn't notice this and it never was mentioned again. But still, I'm confused about that reference.

Third, and probably most mystical one, when Walking Crow, a Pawnee, calls the Doctor the Brother of the Coyote (and something else). He's the friend of all tribes because he defeated the Bad Wolf. Now, I want to know more about that!

I think I stopped counting at that point but there were of course those scenes in the mine when the Doctor was struggling the Clades. They reached into his mind and well. You can guess which dark thoughts came up.

Sooo, the book is great because of the setting, those fantastic, creepy aliens, Martha simply rocking everything, because of all the references and the supporting characters. Entertaining and good. Loved it.

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