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Blood Promise by Richelle Mead
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Apr 27, 2009

it was amazing
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Omg I cant believe what happened to demetri.There is sooo much i want from this book.Of course i want Rose to find Demetri and save him and I really want them to get back together and my heart just brakes everytime i think about what happened and what was is going to have to go through in this next book.I really hope Rose learns more about Demetri and herself.But at the same time its go to be horrible that she is going to have to do all this after demetri's "death"(we dont know for sure what has happenned or will happen) instead of roose learning it from him.Plus Rose is going to have to come to terms with so many things.Im estatic about this next book and dont know how much longer i can wait but then again part of me is dreading it becuase all the emtions this book is going to have. We will be reading about raw and intense emotions and its going to be like we are going through them with Rose.I just really hope we find and save Demetri in this next book cuz i dont know how much i could take(I know im over dramatic).I have a few different theorys on how everything is going to happen when rose and demetri finally confront eachother....If he is in deed stigoi now

1st- maybe demetri will be able to over come the infection over taking his soul long enough not to kill rose and maybe just maybe she can do something...anything to save him

2nd-Because Rose is shadowed kiss she will be able to get his soul backfrom the land of the dead ot something similar to that.

3rd-She will come up with something that will reverse the ritual that turned him into one in the ist place

last-Rose will have to kill him retrieve his soul and have lissa return it to his body

tell me what you think!!!
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Quotes Gabby Liked

Richelle Mead
“That's what I was supposed to say...”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“I’d said it before and meant it: Alive or undead, the love of my life was a badass.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“Roza." His voice had that same wonderful lowness, the same accent . . . it
was all just colder. "You forgot my first lesson: Don’t hesitate.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“You forgot another lesson: Never turn your back until you know your enemy
is dead. Looks like we’ll have to go over the lesson again the next time
I see you—which will be soon.
Love, D.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“Stop fighting me!" he said, trying to pull on the arm he held.

He was in a precarious position himself, straddling the rail as he tried to lean over far enough to get me and actually hold onto me.

“Let go of me!” I yelled back.

But he was too strong and managed to haul most of me over the rail, enough so that I wasn’t in total danger of falling again.

See, here’s the thing. In that moment before I let go, I really had been contemplating my death. I’d come to terms with it and accepted it. I also, however, had known Dimitri might do something exactly like this. He was just that fast and that good. That was why I was holding my stake in the hand that was dangling free.

I looked him in the eye. "I will always love you."

Then I plunged the stake into his chest.

It wasn’t as precise a blow as I would have liked, not with the skilled way he was dodging. I struggled to get the stake in deep enough to his heart, unsure if I could do it from this angle. Then, his struggles stopped. His eyes stared at me, stunned, and his lips parted, almost into a smile, albeit a grisly and pained one.

"That’s what I was supposed to say. . .” he gasped out.

Those were his last words.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“Dimitri: "Why did you come here?"
Rose: "Because you hit me on the head and dragged me here.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“We need to be together."
"Why?" I asked softly. The word was carried away on the wind, but he heard.
"Because I want you."
I gave him a sad smile, wondering if we'd meet again in the land of the dead. "Wrong answer," I told him.
I let go”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“No one had ever called me unnatural before, except for the time I put ketchup on a taco. But seriously, we'd been out of salsa, so what else was I supposed to do?”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“None of it seems real. Who knows? Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s actually happening to someone else. Maybe it’s something I imagined. Maybe soon I’m going to wake up and find everything fixed with Lissa and Dimitri. We’ll all be together, and he’ll be there to smile and hold me and tell me everything ‘s going to be okay. Maybe all of this really has been a dream.
But I don’t think so.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

Richelle Mead
“Oh God," I said. "I'm Zmey's daughter. Zmey junior. Zmeyette, even.”
Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

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message 1: by Gabriela (new) - added it

Gabriela i like ur theories! sorta like how harry potter 7 ended

Mackenzi nice theories i have one to add though maybe lissa could just heal him idk just my theory i think yours are really good though

Gabby leisure thank you! i cant believe i spelled Dimitri wrong through out the while thing though!! i just noticed

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