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Silver/Steel by Belinda McBride
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Feb 20, 2013

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bookshelves: yaoi-m-m, fantasy, series-not-sure-if-continued, shifters-wolf, vampires
Read in February, 2013

This is book 2 of Arcada. So, I had high expections for this book. The front cover isn't my favorite. I am disppointed in this book. The writing can be confusing and some of the details weren't clear enough for me. I hope there will be another book that continues on this same story line. If so, I might like this book more. Unlike Blacque/Bleu(book one) which can be read as stand alone, this book isn't, in my opinion. It introduces the main couple for this story and their background. It introduces the major issue that keeps them from being together, which is resolved. My issue is that the author brings up other issues that aren't resolved. I'll include them later on as a 'spoiler'. So, you have been warned.

Travis is the younger brother of Lukas Blaque. They share same father, who is the alpha of the local pack. His father is the most dominate wolf in the pack. His mother is the local Omega. She is the 'weakest' werewolf in the pack and the other females tend to treat her like trash and walk all over her. She prefers to avoid confrontation. She is also their healer. Travis looks like his mother, not very masculine. He feels he takes after his mother not his father. He doesn't realize he is more dominate. He thinks he is one of the weakest werewolfs because of his mother and doesn't want people to walk over him.

Travis is very self conscious about how people view him. He is attracted to both men and women, though he is denial about his attraction towards men. He feels that his pack will find him 'weak' because of it. He does not think he is maculine looking/dominate as his gay brother, Lukas. One night he goes out to the local hangout to drink and act a fool towards everyone. He is a bit childish. While he is there, he sees a very attractive man. He feels drawn to him, but is in denial about it. Travis ends up ticking off the wrong guys who decide to 'teach' him a lesson.

Dylan, isn't human. He is bounded by a contract with a evil person. His contract is almost up though and he is happy because of it. His last person he needs to find and bring to his boss alive, is in Arcada. He has been trying for a while to find a way into Arcada. He is at the local hangout(right outside of Arcada) when he sets his eyes on a very attractive, fiesty, young werewolf. He feels drawn to him, though he trys to fight it. When Travis is in trouble, Acradia sends Dylan to the rescue.

Dylan ends up taking Travis to his hotel room because there is to much snow. As they spend time together, they bond. Dylan is sad when Travis leaves to go home. When Travis meets yet more drama on the way home, Dylan risks his life to save Travis. By saving Travis's life, Dylan ends up in Arcada. Travis is very up front and decides to accept Dylan and lets everyone know about it. How far will Dylan go to keep his new love, Travis, safe. How far will Travis go to keep Dylan by his side?

Kinda spoiler. (view spoiler)

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