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Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev
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Apr 26, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in June, 2009

Rarely does a book come along that is both of high literary merit and entertaining. Eyes Like Stars is one such book. It blends romance, fantasy, theater, comedy, drama, and suspense into one cohesive element.

The story follows Beatrice Shakespeare Smith--Bertie to her friends--, who lives in the Théâtre Illuminata, a magical place where all the Players from every play ever written reside, along with The Book of all those plays. Bertie isn't a Player, she is an orphan, and if she wants to remain at the Théâtre she will have to prove her worth, and she might just save the world at the same time.

The story is fresh and inventive. There is no simple equivalent such as "boy meets girl", Eyes Like Stars is so original that it stands out against my mind. The pacing is excellent, with doses of hearty laughter spread throughout to help speed things along. There is a romantic story complete with drool-worthy pirate boy; there are mischievous fairies; Lady Macbeth on the rampage; a plot to destroy the Théâtre; and secrets aplenty.

Bertie is a spunky heroine in the great tradition of spunky heroines. She stands out as being well-meaning but usually disastrous, what with her clumsiness and friendship with the previously mentioned fairies. She does not fit in at the Théâtre, a magical place where everyone fits in. Nate is a new addition to the Book Boyfriend List, and he is also fresh and new, with his pirate accent but sweet sincerity. Ariel is ripped from the pages of The Tempest, as is Ophelia from Hamlet, but both are given added depth and a slight modernization that cast new shades on them. The fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream are even more entertaining here and in the original work, and the other original characters that round out the cast are colorful and varied.

I might describe this book as "on crack in a good way" or perhaps as "what happens when a cupcake explodes and fairies come out", but either way I know that Lisa Mantchev's debut novel is sure to please many readers.

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