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it was amazing
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Gah, I am so confused. I want to five star it (second part), but I want to four star it (first part). If you see me switching between ratings, this is why.

Maybe it was my low expectations because I thought this book would be something completely different--a lot of sex without much of a plot or a bigger picture--sort of like she did with a previous book of hers I read.
But nope.

This book had a point. Sort of.
It's really hard to review it without any spoilers, too. It's written in two parts, two stories spanning decades, but they are still interconnected. I actually loved that aspect.

First things first. It's long. It is very, very long. And the first part of the book didn't make much sense to me, so if you find yourself feeling the same, you will need to read the whole book to find that sense.

Varian Krylov creates a very depressing and brutal new world. The women are practically non-existent, the men are savages, the human race facing extinction.
And in the midst of it, Eva. The first woman they've seen in who knows how long.
It starts out... predictable. What would twenty men do after laying their eyes on a woman... for the first time in a couple of years? The plan existed for a long time before she turned up, and the second she's there, it's set in motion. It's devised to protect her as much as possible, but let's be honest here. It was rape. Sexual slavery. Breeding.

I was kind of put off by this, because I wasn't up to reading over five hundred pages about it. And if you're having the same thoughts, I encourage you to read it either way.

It's horrible, the things that happen. This author has a quality--she doesn't gloss over just how despicable human beings can be when there's no one watching. But in this whole thing, as you are reading how degraded and reduced to a piece of meat Eva is, she's also hope.

The way she finds beauty and hope and love in the middle of this brutal, horrific society is just astounding. Eva is a smart woman, I'll give her that. More than anything, she was a strategist.

I loved John so much! Actually, apart from a few characters I loved all the men in this story. Even Riggs, as heartbreaking as it was reading the aftermath of what he did. How weird is that? They're pretty much the enemy here.
And the way the author shows you these relationships, for example Eva and John's versus Eva and Avery's versus Eva and Riggs's, versus Eva and any other man in the base, each of them different and each of them significant. I really liked that.

The first part ends on a melancholic note, taking the hope away. I shed a tear!

So, I have to say I didn't really enjoy it. The first part in its entirety. It drags, and drags, and a lot of things seemed kind of pointless. Sex scenes for the sake of sex scenes, you know. I do like my erotica to have a point.

The second part, though. So good. SO GOOD. For that alone, I'd rate this five stars. The tentative relationship between Nix and Artel was so great to read. They go from mistrust, to tolerance, to love. There are so many emotions between these two. Some are sweet and some are downright heartbreaking.

Nix is strong, so strong, and I loved the way she always had a goal and she was willing to sacrifice anything and everything for that. I thought it was very selfless, what she did for women, for the young girls, putting herself in harm's way for the greater good.
And Artel, behind his cold demeanor and hard exterior, is just the sweetest man in this book. It hurt reading about his life because you know it could have been different. I hated on his father so much because of what he did, of the life he subjected him to. I guess I hoped he would turn out to be good.

I grew really attached to these two and I was hoping beyond hope they will find a way to stay together.

The writing took some getting used to in the beginning. In a way, you're just looking in, kind of like the soldiers did watching those tapes, and I thought it was smart even if I didn't like it. To me, the second part was much much better.
And the story doesn't have resolution, as such. I wish it had a definitive ending, but it didn't leave me in a raging fit. I guess I was just sad to leave Nix and Gareth because I really liked them.

This book is so sad! So sad, yet it leaves you hopeful. Also, this review sucks because I keep trying to find the words to explain how it left me feeling but I just can't. I guess you'll just have to read it and see for yourself. If you're a fan of dark, taboo reads, I definitely recommend it.
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message 1: by Kara (new) - added it

Kara Anything like Abducted? I'm afraid to put myself through that again...

A. Bookzilla. Nah, this is dystopian and it's more eh... not as twisted (even though it's not cute by any means lol)

Ash Wednesday I think my favorite Varian Krylov is the incest one because it was a) fucked up and b) SHORT.

Also: What would twenty men do after laying their eyes on a woman... for the first time in a couple of years?

Duh play serial competitive checkers ofcourse! :p

A. Bookzilla. Wish I wasn't icky of incest! I have to say I skimmed a bit over the endless descriptions in this one.

message 5: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Dark and taboo...did you say? Lol...fab review and added

Ash Wednesday Ari Bookzilla. wrote: "Wish I wasn't icky of incest! I have to say I skimmed a bit over the endless descriptions in this one."

Lol not to imply I'm okay with incest of course O.O but yeah, Krylov books tend to get really winded and I find the mindscrew works best with brevity :)

A. Bookzilla. This one isn't so much a mindfuck. It's just... really brutal.

Gold I was getting ready to put this down (finished part1) but you've inspired me to keep at it! And this review does NOT suck!

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