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Kiss of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I admit this is my first attempt to again reading paranormal romance (from 3rd POV), after for months I neglect my favorite genre (*gasp). Also, the last time I read Dance with The Devil, which is Zarek's was 3 years ago. So, I have a "Dark-Hunter" hangover there. Also "purple prose" hangover, a "insta-love" hangover and well "throw the pregnancy to make everything more complicated" hangover too *duh!*. About purple prose, well, since I'm just married, and of course do a lot of hanky panky part, I'm giggling over Wulf and Cassie's sex scene. I mean "gawd, if only hubby read this, he will be ashamed", lol! One thing also copy one of Basic Instinct scene,hmmm...

We start with what I don't like or just feel okay, first. There's a loophole there and there. Like how Cassie can believe Kat, her bodyguard for 5 years yet she don't know anything about her. And when Kat reveal who herself is and still something is vague, Cassie still believe her. Then, the dream scene with Wulf. Look like Kenyon make things up, just so we believe that they can procreate, that's it. The deus-ex-machina plot in the end with Acheron and Cassie, is same old same old. But, consider Kiss of The Night was published on 2004, when not so many PNR books published for reader, it's still acceptable.

What I liked and loved, is the Atlantean Myth that Kenyon weaved. I'm a huge mythology fans, and I'm amazed how Kenyon can make her own version of Greek and Atlantis's myth. From the Atlantean pantheon to the myth of Apollite and Daimons. See, she used vampire, like sooo many PNR books out there. But, she's not make the vampire world ashamed with make them bling-bling in the sun (yes, shame on you, Meyer!). She blend the vampire into her own myth, and make it's believable. While I'm just meh into the romance part (ehm, we know that HEA will always happen here), I love the way she's not portray that good is good, evil is naturally evil. There's will always a grey area. From Dark Hunter view, Daimon and Apollites are enemy. No mercy for them, no hesitation to kill them. But from Wulf, we will know the many side of Apollites. How not all of them bad, some even embraced their destiny, to die painfully on their 27th birthday.

While I'm not too fond of Wulf and Cassie (they are too generic, imo), I love the appearance of Kyrian, Talon, Julian and of course Zarek. Acheron is still enigmatic, and even I already know who he is (thanks for the all spoiler from the next books), I'm still excited to know more about him. The new characters such as Kat, Stryker, Apollymi and Urian also make the story more interesting. Poor Urian *sigh*.

Kenyon is a talented writer, and I like how she blend myth to her Dark Hunter series (add it with Were-Hunter and Dream-Hunter). Not an easy job, tho. Of course, I will still read the next.
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