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The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls by Alex Irvine
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Apr 23, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: 2009, fanfic-sort-of, english, supernatural, male-writers
Recommended for: SPN fans, especially fanfic writers
Read in April, 2009

To be honest (and you wouldn't believe how much it pains me to say this), I was a bit disappointed by this book.

First of all, the writing style didn't work for me at all. The book is written like a "How-to" from the Winchester boys, and nothing about it convinced me, starting from the ever-annoying "we" to the whole idea that the Winchesters would tell someone in such a fashion about the monsters they encountered. I picture Sam and Dean sitting in their motel room at the evening writing "we did this" and "we saw a ghost" style essays, and I just laugh (and not in a good way.)

Second, the actual "information" in this book was rather boring for me. It really is how-to (kill demons, ghosts, other monsters etc.) and there's tons of information. Some about the monsters we saw on the show, some general information about the history or tradition of a certain kind of supernatural occurence, be it a ghost or a monster or any other kind of lore. This is probably interesting to the people who believe in this sort of thing (which I don't), and must be immensely useful to fanfiction writers (which I am not), but to realists like me who are here just for the pretty, it's rather useless. I was hoping there'd be more actual canon, something we haven't seen on the show, but it was mostly just short references to some of the monsters from the show, and then tons of information. Not bad, but not what I expected (or wanted).

This book would have worked a LOT better if it had been written for example from Sam's POV. It could have been Sam's Guide to Monster, Spirits and Demons, because you just know that Sam sits down in the evenings and writes down all his research results and everything else that is useful for hunting, in case they ever encounter anything like it again. (whereas Dean just says "shot it last time, shoot it again this time, and if that doesn't work, shoot it again.". Oh, no, I'm being unfair! Poor Dean, but you look so good witha gun in your hand, I cannot help but use those images for my pleasure!)

Right, where was I? Oh, yes, so the book would have been better if it was written from a different POV and in a different style, but I think most fans will still enjoy it.

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Ashley It's a companion novel not an actual book. You should have been able to realize that it is an information book only by the title. Why would someone who doesn't enjoy fanfiction read a book based on a TV show called Supernatural if they didn't get enjoyment from learning about Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls. Oh wait my bad that's the name of the book! Learn to read the book jacket before writing a pointless review about a COMPANION NOVEL and ruining and pissing off a true Supernatural fan.

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