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Mortality by Kellie Sheridan
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This book has been a long time coming for me! I have been eagerly awaiting this book and trust me it was well worth the wait!!! The author has done something very interesting and original here in "Mortality"!

We have two stories in one in this book. It's about two different girls living through the zombie apocalypse and how survival is the number one goal they have in common. But towards the end we get to see the purpose of the separate stories and how their worlds collide. I have never read a book like this and I really enjoyed getting two stories in one, then watching how they come together! Brilliant addition to this book and smart thinking for the author!

Okay, So here's the plot:

Savannah's Story!

First story starts of where the prequel left off after a bunch of people from this community called "Ravencrest" and some outsiders from other states come together to clear out and secure this high school from zombies. Their's well over two hundred people in this school and things are tight, but still livable. But one thing they lack is one of the most important things humans could need. Medical supplies! So Savannah and a group of her friends (all boys) agree to head to the pharmacy to search for medical supplies. While their out in search for the supplies the school gets ambushed by hundreds of Z's (Zombies) and Savannah and her group gets separated from the survivors that had to leave the school. So they have to endure many struggles and hardship through the journeys but one thing they never realized is that the dead may not be the only threat out their, and that the living might very well be the ones to fear!

When all seems lost in the world Savannah meets one boy that might offer a new life! Hope to all people! Hope to save the world from it's demise! But he needs one thing from Savannah, Her!

Savannah goes through so much in her journey and is such a strong and likeable character. All the characters were hard not to like. The author has created a Zombie book like nothing I have ever read. I look up to her for creativity and originality with this book, She truly has done a remarkable job with this book!

So will Savannah agree to help this boy save the world??? And if she does will she be able to do it before all hell breaks lose??? But most importantly will she be able to fight this undenying attraction she is having with him??? Well if you want those answers and more your going to have to read it to find out, you won't be sorry!

Zarah's Story!

Zarah is doing what any other normal teenage girl would be doing when the Zombie Apocalypse hits. Sitting in class gawking over the new boy Liam! When the first wave of the Zombies come across the United States they are watching the devastating attacks on the news trying to figure out what's real and what's a cruel joke! But they get their answers when kids at school start trying to eat each other! That's when the new boy Liam finally steps up to introduced himself in a, "Hi Zarah, we have classes together. Oh yeah, We have to go before we get eaten kinda way"! I guess when people start eating each other all shyness goes out the door! They travel through so many states searching for any since of hope left in world. Zarah and Liam go through the most struggles in the book. My heart really went out to them, for what they had to go through!

This is a must read for ANY Zombie fans! I think you'll enjoy this new twist that Kellie has done with this book! It truly had me on the edge of my seat on the verge of screaming at times! It ended on a serious cliffhanger but it was a pretty amazing twist!

Overall I definitely enjoyed the entire book and give it an EASY 5 stars! I can't wait for the second installment of the "The Hitchhiker Strain Series"!

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