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The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Apr 21, 2009

really liked it
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Victory is mine. I finally did it. After years of beating around the bush, procrastinating, starting and stopping, I finally got this book read. If you haven't read Tolkien's opus, much of what you've probably heard is true. It's a gentle flowing story without an overwhelming sense of immediacy most of the time. The world is layered and textured at every turn. It seems not one corner of Tokien's Middle Earth was left uncovered by the author. It's a delight to read something that someone put so much thought and joy into creating.

As for the plot––there was a lot of walking. And a lot of camping. And a lot of talking. Peter Jackson pretty much wrote the book on how to adapt the epic for the big screen, and his first rule of thumb is to speed things up, and cut anything which isn't immediately necessary for the story. On the one hand, this definitely makes the story go faster, but on the other, it takes away some of the exploration and wonder of Tolkien's world. It's easy to see why fantasy writers all look to Tolkien: his sense of grandness, timelessness, and adventure gushes from the page. The experience of being immersed in this world with its magic, mountains, forests and rivers is pretty unique in literature.

The prose style is very much like listening to someone tell you a story. At times this is very effective and at times it isn't. The adventurous moments take a bit of a hit from this, but the descriptions are that much more powerful because of it.

I might have given the book five stars, but I'm wary to give those out unless the story in question is virtually perfect, and I was totally sucked in from page one until the end. Tolkien has written a masterpiece, no doubt, and the unbounded creativity on display here is in itself magical, but for all its goodness there was a few dry spells. And the film version does a few things better than Tolkien did. Even still, highly recommended, and four stars.
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message 1: by Ed (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ed Good review as usual. I gave each book in the series five stars. Would have given six if it were possible. Best Fantasy series, ever.

Chelsey I told you it was amazing. Hahahaha. =P

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