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it was amazing
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It's hard to capture in words just how turbulent Click to Subscribe is. It captured so many different stages of falling in love in a beautiful, heart-warming story like a photo series done by the most renown photographer.

Click to Subscribe will make your heart pound ridiculously. We had romantic tension between our two characters Cat and West, and with that romantic tension came the unspeakable awkwardness that will make you laugh and want to hug the characters. It's impossible not to smile from page one, if only at the clever dialogue. Its brevity doesn't matter, because LM makes use of every single page, and it's kind of scary how well he uses the pages. The beginning sets you up for the turmoil and romance that is the middle and very end. You'll fall in love for its cuteness, awkwardness, and romance. And you also may cry at the end.

There were so many different little comments that made me laugh out loud or smile ridiculously, and you could feel yourself falling more in love with West as he told you his favorite M&M color (but he was wrong, red is the best color) or how great ice cream was. Furthermore, Click to Subscribe is so compelling and powerful that I now have a legit phobia of winky faces. All because of one little moment where Harper/Cat admitted how much she hated winky faces. Everything about this book is clever, witty, and hilarious. I couldn't get enough of how real it was, especially when the characters were talking to each other. They bantered and called each other names—in good faith—and they acted exactly like a high school student might, which was refreshing because sometimes you lose sight of how carefree some students really are before college.

My favorite part was how LM captured exactly what being best friends with someone is like. When you're best friends with anybody, boy or a girl, you're not going to be afraid to be like, "I hate you!" or "You're such a dork" or make fun of them in general. Cat and West shared these moments with each other, and you could tell they really were best friends who had known each other for as long as they could remember. They were goofy and crazy and I loved them for it. Not only were they so entertaining to watch, they made each other better when they were with each other. Cat and West didn't care what other people thought about them; they just had fun together, and isn't that what being best friends is about? I don't read a lot of best friend romances, but Click to Subscribe has restored my faith in them.

You'll be in stitches the entire time, cracking up, falling in love with the characters, and just enjoying everything. Click to Subscribe as a whole is just an awkward, adorable, and beautiful bundle of pure joy. If you love fluffy and cute stories, do not hesitate to check this one out.
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eileen AWWWWWW YAY!! You have to read it, seriously. It is so fantastic and sweet <33333333 I'm not helping are I?

Farah Wow. I've been dying to read this and your review makes me want to read it even more!!!!! :D

Lucy Powrie You're not, Eileen! Way to rub it in!

eileen Lol I'm just not helping either of you with my fangirling! I'm SORRYYYY

(Not really ;P)

Kyra (Blog of a Bookaholic) Eek! Great review! I really want to read this :D


message 8: by Sapir (new) - added it

Sapir Great review!!! I am really DYING to read this one :D

eileen Thank you, Sapir!

Anushka Anushka It sounds great but the one thing that I don't get is that if west is a video blogger then howcome cat (who is apparently harper) does t recognise best friend???! I mean she can't just comment without watching his videos now can she?(less)

eileen Yeah she recognizes him but since Cat's commenting under Harper West doesn't know who she is. But Cat knew the entire time.

message 12: by Lucy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lucy Powrie she did it because she loved him. Like Eileen said, he had no clue she was Harper.

Anushka Oh okay. So she's been in love with him all this time and he did t know... Now I get it...
Thanks Eileen and lucy :)

eileen Pretty much!

Kelley Lol, I really enjoyed this book too!!

Faith Dianne LOVE <3

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