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The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
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I hate books based in mental wards...which is why I realy didn't enjoy this book at first. What saved it, were the characters of Chloe and Derek. I liked Chloe, though I didn't relate to her, but she seems like a good person without being perfect. Derek isn't the typical love interest, which is why Chloe doesn't realize she likes him (not that she does, but I'm hoping). Simon wasn't all that interesting to me. He is just this random nice guy who draws cartoons, and tries to steal Chloe away from Derek. Also, ghosts aren't really my thing, so Chloe being a necromancer wasn't all that exciting. And Tori...Eek...that girl is annoying, but I do like what she added to the book.

For some reason, though, I actually quite liked it. I was really ready for them to escape, so when they got caught I was kind of bummed, but consoled myself with the fact that it was only Chloe and stupid Rae that got caught.

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