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World War Z by Max Brooks
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Apr 18, 2009

really liked it

World War Z is a series of interviews divided into different sections of the world war against zombies, starting with a doctor who saw "patient zero", a 12-year-old boy in China. The infection spreads until the earth is virtually covered with zombies, and everyone still human has either been eaten, is extremely lucky, or a smart, survivor/zombie-killer.

The actual descriptions of zombies and the massacres of people are pretty spare, but they're powerful enough to seriously freak you out (I couldn't read it after dark or I'd have nightmares). The main story, however, is about the survival of the human race. The USA has basically retreated west of the Rocky Mountains, and has to use all of their intelligence and humanity to beat the zombies.

I really enjoyed this book, as crazy as it sounds. It was really well-thought-out and creative and realistic, once the zombie thing was accepted. I thought the stories of the survivors were so varied and interesting, I couldn't put it down.

The only reason I'm giving this a 4 and not a 5 is that I did feel that Max Brooks' transcripts of interviews often sounded too much alike, although they were supposedly different people. And the swearing really got to me toward the end.

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