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My Brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier
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Apr 15, 2009

did not like it
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Read in January, 2008

My Brother Sam is Dead has got to be the most overly exaggerated (until it bores the crap out of the reader) book in the history of the U.S. It is also claimed to be a children's book. Parents have to be careful of what they show to their children, due to the fact I'm pretty sure no parent would show their 4 year old kid a pornographic magazine, why would he/she show the kid a book where so many people die. Even the title is self-explanatory. The fact this book won an award makes me question and ridicule the English literary groups out there.
So this book is about a guy named Tim Meeker and ,obviously according to the least creative title in the history of the books I have ever read, his brother Sam who eventually dies. The Meekers were Tories, where it is a family involving a dead father, a depressed mother, and two boys. However, Sam disagreed with being a loyalist and fought in the American army. Big mistake, seeing how Sam was eventually framed into being killed by the Americans. Unless you're a big fan of the American Revolution, every other detail that has not been mentioned in this review, and is in the book is completely tedious. Okay, disregard my last statement, as the amounts of deaths actually had some meaning.
Now, this piece of trash of fan-fiction does deserve some praise, or else I would've given it a 0/5. The characters are done really well (the ones that were made up)and it does show how reality is something you don't want to mess with. The book also showed how if you're going to be partially alone in a futile attempt to be a revolutionary, whereas your original life wasn't that bad, DON'T BE STUPID AND SWITCH SIDES! Honestly, look at Benedict Arnold and he eventually regretted the decision. This book was overall stupid, and shows how denying common sense is sometimes a dumb decision.
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Serena Neuman I totally agree with you. When I read this book I was bored to tears. This book shouldn't have even been titled My Brother Sam Is Dead because he died on page 208(the last page). So i got the privilege of being bored to death as I read the other 207 pages and it was all about Tim Meeker talking about his life and his brother Sam. Big whoop! And I agree that Sam was an idiot to take American's side because later on he had to face some bad reprucussions and then eventually, death.
I wouldn't reccomend this book because it is too negative and extremely boring.

Chris, The Kid Who Wants To Go Harvard University If you like history, you would not be saying its boring. ITs very good. Its not negative! How dare you insult a good book!

Dbrecht43 I agree I was very bored when i read this book

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