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First Meetings in Ender's Universe by Orson Scott Card
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Apr 13, 2009

really liked it

First Meetings is a collection of short stories. The first two stories do predate the series but with out context. That context is only revealed during Ender's game.

The Polish Boy - A story about Peter, Valentine and Ender's Father when his Father was 5 years old.

Teacher's Pest - A story about the meeting of Peter, Valentine and Ender's parents.

Ender's Game - The original short story that the Ender's Game novel was based on.

Investment Counselor - The first time Ender meets Jane.

These stories backfill the series nicely. If I were to try and fit these stories into the series I would read the complete series in the following order.

Ender's Game
Ender's Shadow

First Meetings in the Enderverse (Read the whole book after Ender in Exile or ...)
Read the 1st two stories now.
The Polish Boy
Teacher's Pest

Shadow of the Hegemon
Shadow Puppets
Shadow of the Giant
Ender in Exile

First Meetings in the Enderverse (Read the whole book here or)
Read the 4th story now.
Investment Counselor

Speaker for the Dead
Children of the Mind

First Meetings in the Enderverse
3rd story
Ender's Game (for curiosity sake to see how Card developed/changed the characters from this short story)

A War of Gifts: An Ender Story

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