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The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill
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Apr 12, 2009

it was amazing
Read in April, 2009

** spoiler alert ** *Spoiler Alert* Oh My Goodness--did I love this journey! Can I be Thirrin in my next life, 14 year old Queen/Warrior of Frostmarris. Am I allowed to wear armor and carry a sword to church services??? The book was well written and had a pace that more than kept my attention. I love the relationship between the main character Thirrin and the Warlock Oskan--I am so glad he "regenerated" and didn't lose his life (he even came back more mature and handsome!). The death of King Redrought was so sad--why does someone always have to DIE...all daughters need their daddys!!! Thirrin's diplomacy and command of her post as Queen was so natural and believable! Making alliances with the following groups was brilliant: Vampire King and Queen, Werewolves, White Wolves, Giant Snow Leopards with the gift of speech, The Oak and Holly King....Awesome. A strong similarity between Phillip Pullman Lyra's of the Golden Compass. Great Read...Thanks GivPrecJul


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Aneuwoman Hold up, hold up - I'm Thirrin! Maybe one of y'all can be a Hypolitan archer or something, but I already claimed Thirrin! (just jokes folks) All jokes aside, these stories (Chronicles) really represent woman in a positive light. Blades of Fire goes even further. Women warriors are obviously feasible and possible in the fantasy world, so let's just go live there so we can weild our swords without anyone looking at us funny (or trying to arrest us- LOL).

S.  Dixon, DTR GPJ, This book is great. I mean where can you get a couple of books rolled into one. Aneu you can be Thirrin, because I am loving Oskan he is reminding me of Alice(twilight)and you all know how much I admire her. Even though Thirrin is a girl she is a fighter like Roran(Brisingr). How about the vampire king and queen do they bring a certain group of clever people to mind(Volturi's)? I thought it was so cool how the werewolves were the pallbearers for King Redrought funeral procession(was Jacob amongst them). Did you know that Scipio was a real Roman General? Hey Aj, is that the type of connections that the WEM wants it's reader to look for,because I love finding treasures when I'm reading.

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AjMarie Hey Quettie,

Love your connections girl...It never crossed my mind the character/role similarities between Twilight and Icemark players--great job. About the WEM, haven't read enough to see what Susan Wise Baur is trying to accomplish.


S.  Dixon, DTR Hey, my book has a nice visual cover. Don't look at it if you have a picture of Thirrin in your head already that you want to keep. I say this because the picture I had in my head of Edward was destroyed when I saw the movie.

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