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Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal by Grace Burrowes
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Feb 01, 2013

really liked it
bookshelves: romance, historical-fiction, family

Lady Magdalene is redheaded, gorgeous, and the bastard daughter of a courtesan and the (now) Duke of Moreland. One would think the last person with whom a woman with secrets would involve herself would be private investigator Benjamin Hazlit. As it turns out, these are two people used to living in the shadows.

Burrowes creates in each novel a very likeable and compelling heroine and hero.

Things I really liked about this novel:
• Maggie is older - almost 30. I love “older” heroines in romance!
• There is a fierce protectiveness of Lady Magdalene towards Her Grace, her adoptive mother - and vice versa.
• The concept of being intimidated in some ways, by the seemingly perfect marriage of one’s parents.
• Benjamin is re-evaluating whether his response to the rape/sexual assault on his sisters is or was appropriate. I love the idea that a sexual assault on noblewomen is even brought up in Regency Romance.
• The family loyalty and bonding, in general, is wonderful and realistic, IMO. Even in the most dysfunctional family, the siblings tend to stick together, and we see this here.

Things that were problematic for me:
• Maggie is brilliant in most ways, a little slow on the uptake in others. Her reticule is missing, but she is unwilling to consider that it might be stolen. She’s phenomenal with financial matters, yet never does the pregnancy math to figure out if it is possible that her father, the Duke, could be eliminated as a possible sire for her baby sister.
• The all-too-convenient pregnancy.
• The all-too-convenient secret title of nobility.
• The ease with which Lady Maggie handles horses and rides them, with no lingering soreness. I could forgive a blister or two on the hands, but no ache between the thighs after a couple of hours of riding? Really?

Despite what I perceive as flaws, I loved this book. It was fun, light, loving, sexy, and convinced me that Regency Romance was not all bustles and tortured prose.

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