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Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh
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"You know what I've learned from my baby girl? To enjoy the now. It'll be gone soon enough and no one knows what the next hour,much less tomorrow still bring"

5 Awesomeness stars and Top Read 2013!!

Nalini Singh is one of my favorite authors that I always anticipated what next come from her. Her writing style is fabulous, the plot and world she create is beyond amazing, and you can't help to awe for how she can weave words after words that so beautiful, you can't help to not read it over and over! I always love her Guild Hunter more than Psy Changeling series. Both Elena and Raphael are my favorite couple and I'm soooo happy when knowing Archangel's Legion back to them again. It's not that I'm not enjoyed Dmitri's and Jason's, but what make me adore Guild Hunter, beside the world and the story, is come from Elena and Raphael's relationship.

In this new installment of the Guild Hunter, Elena and Raphael once again face threat for their teritory. Elena also got her hands full, act as consort, a Hunter, also a sister for her half little sister, Eve, a hunter like her, much to Jeffrey's dismay. I'm so sad when reading about Elena and Jeffrey's relationship. I can't help to not symphatize toward Marguerite, Elena's mother to left them both. To make them hurt beyond compare. But, there's maybe hope for Elena and Jeffrey to finally make ammend. It's just not now.

Elena shook her head, gripping her mother's wrist in a futile effort to hold her to the world. "He hates me".

"No, Elena. He loves you too much."

There are trouble in paradise for both Elena and Raphael. First, Raphael seems like develop some strange power that make Elena so worried. But turn that the power is sooooo awesome. I mean, he can struck lightning, and the scene when he do that? One word. Orgasm

Shoving Elena behind him so she wouldn't unbalance and fall, he rose into the sky, high above the clouds, past where even Illium or Aodhan could fly. Land!It was an order blasted out to every angel in the vicinity.

Then, and with only the slighest hesitation at the loss of the profound violence of power, he released the dark matter of it in a lightning storm that cracked the sky

It's soooo awesooome, right? I can't even... *sigh*

And, it's not enough that Elena must face Michaela, aka the Bitch Goddess (who seems attemt to infiltrate Raphael's teritory again by say that she is pregnant. But we know how cunning Michaela is!), not forget that Caliane, Raphael's one mofo Mom still not welcome Elena, now there's a lover from Raphael's past. While Tasha is a warrior of her own, Elena do has right to despise her since Tasha seems to want Raphael by herself. Poor Elena, but then she never back off from anything that will treat her love for Raphael. And I'm glad that Tasha is not bitchy like Michaela. Just one is enough, imho.

After we got "almost war scene" in the previous books, finally in Archangel's Legion, the war happen. It's not spoiler, if you already read the 3 first books, readers will know that Raphael must face Lijuan. And the war part, right now doesn't disappoint me. It's grand, gory and full of tactics. There's also a hopeless feeling from Raphael, that he can't defend Manhattan from Lijuan's attack. And while another Archangels more like behind the scene, I wonder if they will make more appearance in the next books. The alliance of The Cadre already forged, and who's know that finally Raphael will be the strongest of them all?

After he shut himself for eternity, it's like that Aodhan become the attention for Archangel's Legion, for he finally decide to open to other. I know that some readers want Aodhan and Illium have something more in their relationship, but I'm with Nalini in this. Why can they remain be friends, a close friend who have each other back, much like Raphael and Dmitri? If they will become like lover, I'm afraid it will be forced. So I'm totally agree with "bromance" part. Naasir, well, finally he got so much scene, for he is "other" than another vampires in Seven. I wonder what he is, or if he truly a vampire at all. Sadly, not so much for Venom and Galen, since they must defend the Refuge. And just a little from Jason and Dmitri

Elena and Raphael, ahh.. where I can start? They have some rocky moments, of course. But it's so wonderful to know how they work into their difference. Their sex scene are steamy and plenty! Alas, there's no "angel dance" for I want to read it again. Guess I will re-read Archangel's Consort after this ;).

Nalini's writing is superb, and as I write this review, I kinda have a book hangover! I don't know what to read next. What I want is to read Archangel's Legion again and again. I wait for this book to come in month, and the wait is totally worth it! I'm so sad to know that the next book is about Ashwini and Janvier, for I want to read about Elena and Raphael again. They're still have so much problem to solved after all.

Archangel's Legion is one of my favorite read this year. It's not absolute perfect of course (Nalini kinda have habit to repeat some part over and over. Like how Elena will not let Raphael down, if he consume by madness. And the nightmare), but I still love it nonetheless. If only Nalini Singh can write faster :')
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Kjen I love this series, too...Roarke and Eve with wings!!!

Ren Puspita Wow, yes! I feel that Elena and Raphael is very like Eve and Roarke (the names initial also the same!) especially from book 2. Beside Nalini herself is Robb's fans

Tokies they are so not ready for a baby which i think they should.. with elena having a body that's not fully immortaled out.. it would be a great time for her to get knocked up. .which would put him into a tail spin. plus i think women can die and high miscarriage rates .. so more to worry about. it kinda feels like.. she could get knocked up more.. also i kinda wonder about her sister.. i think her sister should hook up with bluebell also i hope bluebell goes all arch angel.. earlier then anyone else

Ness hey girls interested in a BR of the book?:) I love love both series!!

Kjen Ness, Would love to do a BR, but already started Dark Witch by Nora Roberts. It's proving to be an excellent Halloween read. Will start Archangel's Legion right after I finish, though. Thanks for asking(:

Ren Puspita As for BR, I bought hard copy and since I live in Indonesia, must wait 1-2 weeks to read it :(

Kjen Oh, poor you!:(

Tokies heads up this book was goood. i cant wait for you to get the book :)

Ren Puspita Well, I just finish this Kjen and Tokies! Awesome is not enough to describe how wonderful this book to me!

message 10: by Kjen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kjen Yes! It's one of those rare books where there are just not enough stars(:

Tokies Ren wrote: "Well, I just finish this Kjen and Tokies! Awesome is not enough to describe how wonderful this book to me!"

omg girl i was jumping up and down we need a new category book for books like this they arent normal urban fantasy .. they more like epic urban fantasy if u get regularly big battle scene like this

]also when are they gonna make this damn book into a tV or freakin movie cos this beats twilights face off

message 12: by Lili (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lili Omg, i'm so jealous! I want to read it, too..

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