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So Long, Status Quo by Susy Flory
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Apr 04, 2009

it was amazing
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Wow. Can I say it again? Wow. This. Book. Is. Amazing.

Have you ever felt like your life is on the verge of being stale? I have. It's totally the norm nowadays to sit at home on the couch watching Lost (oh the GUILT!), talk ourselves out of helping others (won't someone else do it?), and watch time fly by as we get into our own personal routines. We tend to limit ourselves, it's true.

"...this is the story of how, slowly, I began to get up off the couch of my boring, safe, sheltered, vanilla existence to something more real, sharper, in focus. Rosie led the way. Along came Eleanor, and Jane. Then Harriet, Elizabeth, and more. These women became mentors calling me to a different kind of life. Passionate for change, each woman sacrificed money, love, comfort, time, and ultimately self to make a difference to thousands, maybe millions of people." - pg 18

So Long, Status Quo chronicles Susy's personal experiences challenging herself to shake things up in her life. Her inspirations were women in history who weren't afraid to change the world and acted selflessly - Harriet Tubman, Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt (my personal favorite), Rosie the Riveter, and Jane Austen are a few.

This book is so inspiring! I didn't even realize how flat I had let my life become until Susy challenged me to evaluate it. The great thing about this book is that Susy shows us how we can change things and help others in small, underwhelming ways - and it's not as painful as it sounds at first! I don't know about you, but I'm intimidated when I think of trying to compare to Harriet Tubman or Mother Teresa. Really, what is there that I can do that could ever measure up? I don't kid myself that I would be that brave in the situations Harriet Tubman found herself in. She was selfless - I am not. I realized after reading So Long, Status Quo that I don't have to compare to these great ladies, but I can use them as models and be inspired by them. I can do what I can to help and find my own niche. See what God has in store for me. Even if it's just helping at my local church and being there for my family, that's something!

Susy is refreshingly honest.

"I love my couch. It's covered in a squishy, soft, velvety material the color of oatmeal laced with honey, and the cushions are fat." - pg 13

"My secure couch cocoon was really a picture of what I had let my life become. Lethargic, sleepy, with a love for security and for comfort, I lived for self. I avoided suffering at all costs. I didn't want to ever do anything uncomfortable. I think I was addicted to comfort." - pg 15

I don't know about you, but that makes me think. Am I addicted to comfort? Um, yes.

I love the way Susy shares her heart. This book is SO easy (even *gasp* FUN) to read and apply to your life. Not only that, but I learned a great deal about the women who "mentored" her. After reading So Long, Status Quo, I decided I had to read Eleanor Roosevelt's autobiography. I'm wondering if I can find out what made her tick, what drove her to do the selfless things she did. In short, I'm feeling driven to find out what they had in their lives that I'm missing in mine.

A few of Susy's very thought-provoking challenges:

♥ Make an inventory of your possessions (she shares her list and her eye-opening realizations). Harriet Tubman gave everything she had away.
♥ Try fasting from something important to you (television, sugar, etc). Mother Teresa practiced self-denial.
♥ Help out at a soup kitchen or take time to greet the homeless. Elizabeth Fry bravely faced the horrors of Newgate Prison and helped to change it over time.

Seriously, I have not words enough to convince you that you should buy this book. This review is just not adequate. So Long, Status Quo is dynamic, an inspiration, and a book I will be recommending to my friends, my family, and people on the street.

Note for Susy:

Thank you, Susy, for encouraging me to get up off my couch and "start a little adventure". I haven't done much yet, but I am so inspired! I know that you are going to bless a lot of people through this book. Thank you for courageously stepping forward (getting off that soft, comfy couch) and writing it!

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