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The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
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Jan 22, 2013

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2.5-3 stars.
Okay… after watching one or two Nicholas Sparks movies and reading this novel, I think I have the recipe down pat:
Make up perfect people,
Take an odd or quirky reason for the perfect people to meet, (a death, a photo, a bottle)
Add kids, dogs and/or dependant parent,
Add ugly one dimensional ex-partner,
Heat to generate love,
Add a storm/flood/natural event,
Kill someone or threaten to do so,
Stir to mix.

There… yep. I think that’s it.

In any case, this story is a Marine who finds a photo of a woman with a dog. It becomes his lucky charm. He denies it, but he eventually believes that it saves his life more than once. He goes in search of the woman to repay his life debt. But he is not sure how he is supposed to do that. He gets a dog the same breed as in the photo and he starts by walking across the country to every small town that has the same name that he can see in the picture.

When he finds her, she is isolated and oddly alone given her good looks. She has a cute geeky kid and an irascible grandmother who runs a dog kennel. After that, it follows the recipe.

It was easy to read and I did get quite caught up in it, but a few things jarred. He gave meanings and definitions where I didn't think they were needed. Explaining abbreviations and the joke at the crab shack made me cringe. As multi-millions of his books sell, perhaps that is something he has been asked to do for future translations? If it is, then why put them in the English version?

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