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Point Blank by Catherine Coulter
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Apr 01, 2009

did not like it

For ages I've avoided what I think of as "Sherlock and Savich" books when browsing for new reading material. Whenver I'd see their names in a synopsis, I'd put the book down, vaguely thinking, "No, I don't like those." I didn't remember which book or books of this series I'd read in the past or even why I didn't like them.

Then, just recently, I saw Point Blank on the sale rack of the local bookstore, a hardcover for under $8, so I thought, "What the hey, times are hard; I'll give it a try."

Well, I couldn't finish it. The story itself was all right--had the potential to be interesting, but the dialogue is unbelievably stilted. Real people do not talk that way!! Coulter tries to use dialogue to advance the plot, which is a great technique, but she is horrible at it. And what's up with the sheriff telling this stranger he's just met how all the people he happens to mention died?? People don't do that!

There's also zero interesting development of characters. Judging by my response to Sherlock in this book, I think one thing that turned me off to this series before is what a mousy "little woman" she is, always trailing along in Savich's wake. I require strong female characters and this series does not provide.

Also I'm annoyed by the love affair that Coutler seemed intent on setting up between the main female protagonist (Ruth) and the small-town sheriff. Give me a break. If I wanted to read cheesy romance, I'd buy a Harlequin.

Don't waste your money on Coulter, even if it's only $8 for a hardback. Read Nevada Barr, Kathy Reichs, J.D. Robb (The In Death series is the only quasi-romance series I can tolerate!), Patricia Cornwell. Read Kay Hooper if you must read about FBI agents; her Special Crime Unit series is good. But don't bother with Coulter.
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message 1: by Eva (new) - rated it 2 stars

Eva that is what i can;t stand about CC books, all the protagonists fall in love with eachother in a week. seems very unrealistic.

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