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Enticed by Jessica Shirvington
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OK as far as the book itself goes I liked Entice a lot the story and the newly introduced character were all well written and I love the fantasy world of the Grigori (I can't remember if that's how it was spelled so I apologize if I'm wrong.) But there was one thing keeping me from loving the book.


In Embrace I loved Phoenix and the complexity of his character, I have always had a thing for the dark hero, they're more fun and more relate-able then the straight laced good guy hero which only exist in books. Lets be honest we all have a little mean in us. But I could tell from the beginning that Linc and Violet were going to be together because the author has a very clear love for Lincoln (And even though I know they're not real characters why did you have to play with Phoenix like that Ms. Shirvington? Having Violet give her virginity to him and making him think he had a chance with her was just mean) And then after everything in the first book where he was always there for Violet when she need him, healed her when Linc couldn't and took care of her when no one else was there to do it, why did you have to go and turn him into WHAT EVER THE FREAK HE BECAME IN THE SECOND BOOK!!!

Grrrr he was an ass and it made no sense to me why!! I just couldn't see the Phoenix from the first book reopening Violets stomach wound or trying to kill her and manipulating her the way he did in the second book even after she broke his heart. I know he did manipulate her in the first book a little but in the end you could see that he was genuinely hurt and that he cared about Vi, and this was such a drastic jump even after someone breaks your heart a part of you still cares about them. Also he was barely in the book and I missed him and Violets interactions. But all of this might just be my Phoenix love which is slowly dying

And then to top it all off I kept getting pissed at Linc because of his all over the place attitude about Violet, I mean seriously pick a side either fight for her or don't, don't lead her on and then throw up your guard. Even I was getting a little mental whiplash from the constant back and forth. And if Linc and Vi are soul mates then you would think that Linc would be there for her a bit more and be more understanding about what she's feeling and has felt considering her relationship with him and not keep throwing her past mistakes in her face and running to Magda with his problems and ignoring her. I get it he's hurt rightfully so, but they are half human and humans make mistake, use a little of your angel ness and forgive her I mean your competition is now trying to kill her so I would say that you no longer has anything to worry about in that department.

So with all this said in my honest advice I believe that Violet should just start over with guys, the ones she is currently involved with have just a little to much baggage.
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