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Dark Matter by Sheree Thomas
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it was ok
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Sister Lilith: Honoree Jeffers P 4 Interesting take on the Genesis Lilith story.

The Comet: W E B Du Bois 4 Classic style sf piece addressing racisim

Chicago 1927: Jewelle Gomez P 2 frankly rather lame and amateur urban fanatsy peice with black oh so nice and good vampire. Overtones of lesbian sexual fantasy that never goes anywhere and contributes nothing to the very weak story.

Black No More: George Schuyler P 4 An interesting satirical piece on social displacement if a black person is suddenly turned into a caucassian.

Separation Anxiety: Evie Shockley (P) 3 written in 2000 set in 22nd Century; and they don't seem to have mobile phones. the futuristic dystopian setting ofhtis story was interesting however that major plot hole blows what was a pretty pathetic plot completely out of the water.

Tasting Songs:Leone Ross P 1 not only was this a heavily drawn out idea that wasn't that impressive to start with but also I can see no way at all that this story could be classed as the least bit speculative.

Can You Wear My Eyes: Kalamu ya Salaam (P) 2 Utterly ridiculous foundation but with an interesting idea built on it.

Like Daughter: Tananarive Due P 3 Interesting idea but overly drawn out. It could have been half the length and said as much, probably with more impact.

Greedy Choke Puppy: Nalo Hopkinson 3 Another variation on the vampire but at least a little more interesting this time.

Rythm Travel: Amiri Baraka P 1 blessedly short.

Buddy Bolden: Kalamu ya Salaam (P) 1 New age astral travelling claptrap.

Aye, and Gomorrah: Samuel R Delany P 3 This one was actually half decent and if it had focused on something of more significance than sexual perversion could have been quite interesting.

Ganger (Ball Lightning): Nalo Hopkinson P 3 Despite the over use of puple prose this worked quite well. The juxtoposition of eroticism with horror was good. If the author's prose had been reeled in a little would have been 4.

The Becoming: Akua Lezli Hope P 2 A strong idea but the story was rather confused. Not helped by more of the black dialect writing.

The Goophered Grapevine: Charles W Chestnutt P 4 A great old (1887) voodoo type story. Again difficult to read the slave dialect.

The Evening And The Morning And The Night: Octavia E Butler P 5 First really good story, interesting idea and an interesting plot and well written.

Twice, at Once, Separated: Linda Addison P(ss) 4 An interesting variation on the generation ship theme.

Gimmile's Songs: Charles R Saunders P 5 Very good S & S story in the spirit of REH.

At the Huts of Ajala: Nisi Shawl (P) 3 Moderate interesting and well written voodoo story.

The Woman in the Wall: Steven Barnes P 4 Really a very good story but nothing about it justifies its inclusion in a book of speculative fiction.

Ark of Bones: Henry Dumas P 4 Very good ghost story of a sort.

Rutta's Backyard Barbecue: Tony Medina P 1 Blissfully short.

Future Christmas: Ishmael Reed P 2 Etract from a book and maybe that's why it was completely confusing. I couldn't see what it was trying to say. The novel is supposed to be a satire but, for me, the satire fell completely flat in this story. Not to mention continuity errors.

At Life's Limits: Kiini Ibura Salaam P 1 I couldn't finish it.

The African Origins of UFOs: Anthony Joseph (P) 1 I couldn't finish it

The Astral Visitor Delta Blues: Robert Fleming P 2 At least I finished this one. Weak story that never actually said anything wrapped up in black Delta culture.

The Space Traders: Derrick Bell P 3 Interesting if somewhat implausible idea which could have been very interesting if it could only have made up its mind as to whether it was a story or an essay on racism and the law. Note the author is a professor of law.

The Pretended: Darryl A Smith (X) 1 Coudlnt' make head nor tail of it.

Hussy Strutt: Ama Patterson X 1 Confusing and I don't really know what it was about other than racism.

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Ellen agree with many of your choices. Hope you tried some of Octavia Butler's books since reading this.

Mike Franklin Not yet but I do plan to.

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