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Wings of Nestor by Devri Walls
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it was amazing
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Wings of Nestor is both breathtaking & heartbreaking as we join Kiora, Emane & Alcander for the penultimate book of the Solus series.

As the synopsis tells us ‘Kiora needs answers’ and now, more so than ever with her every move being discovered by ‘the Shadow’ who constantly finds Kiora through her dreams and knows just where & when to strike, so when Kiora discovers how she is being tracked, she is forced to take drastic action to keep them safe which will have far reaching consequences for more than one of our characters. Kiora’s perils do not end there as she is forced to put herself in more danger in the effort to gain information about the shadow & it’s connection to Jasmine and none more dangerous than a trip to Toopai to see the dragon queen, the oldest known creature in the world who may be able to help Kiora put the pieces together…. That’s if she survives the journey out there for as we all know, Dragons are not the most tolerable creatures and have been known to burn first, no need to ask questions later. On her travels she will make many discoveries, see first-hand just what the enemy is up to and come to understand just how far reaching the prophecy had been & that the seeds of her arrival were planted long before anyone knew…. But will it be enough to save them all and avert the coming war?

I adored this instalment of the ‘Solus’ series, it was always a given that I was going to love this book, just the same as I have loved the 2 that came before it because I am invested in this world, it’s characters and their fates and Devri Walls creates a beautiful fantasy world that will suck you in and take you on the most awesome, epic adventure. This book could definitely be classed as the reconnaissance book of the series so be prepared to gain a huge insight into what’s going on. Kiora’s character has again progressed into a more mature person, making decisions & taking risks more freely, you can definitely see the leader in her emerging and totally feel her character preparing for what’s to come in every move & every decision she makes and I’ll be looking forward to seeing her reach her full potential in the final book. In the last book I was torn between Kiora’s love interests, I still am… I do like what happened here but I’m saddened just the same (you’ll understand when you read it) both Emane & Alcander are great in their own way so I was really feeling Kiora’s dilemma and I have to say that it made me connect to the characters on another level too, I already stated that I’m not a fan of love triangles but something about how this is put across just adds to Kiora’s trials & growth as a young woman.

The storyline is as always, full of information, action, battles, adventure & excitement! it’s putting pieces into place, it’s drawing the line between friend & foe, it’s realising people’s intentions & potential, it’s understanding just what’s at stake, understanding the lengths & depths some will go to in the name of power and not just putting your life on the line… but your heart too. I thought this book was both breathtaking & heartbreaking, definitely the saddest of the series, especially towards the end and when some realisations are made. Breathtaking because there is always something new to be seen and discovered, awe inspiring scenery from buried underground temples & magically hidden houses to volcanic caves, covered in crystals & housing dragons, from those beautiful, colourful dragons, winged horses, shape shifting beings to tiny magical bugs holding huge secrets… truly amazing! & Heartbreaking….. well, I’ll let you discover why but you will be left in no doubt as to what is at stake and why Kiora fights against all that is evil. I personally cannot wait for the last book – Wings of Lomay – and what promises to be the EPIC final instalment of the Solus series.

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