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The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer
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Mar 28, 2009

really liked it
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This was one of those books that totally surprised me. I had no idea that Georgette Heyer was considered one of the founders of the historical romance genre. I also had no idea that one of my favorite Sci-Fi authors, Lois McMaster Bujold, was a fan and influenced by these books (although now that I've read a few of Heyer's books, it's really, really obvious). I was just looking for a good trashy romance read and picked this up simply because of the title. But as I read, I realized that this was far superior to 99% of romance novels I've ever read.

The male lead, Lord Rule, is pretty cool. But then, his archetype of lazy fop, who's really rather badass and smart underneath it all, is one of my favorites so I admit I'm biased there.

But the characters who totally steal the show about halfway through the book, and who I wish had a novel just about their goofy antics, are Horatia's brother and his best friend. The scenes between them are absolutely HILARIOUS (especially the scene where they... uh... "rescue" Horatia), and there were several times when I found myself actually laughing out loud at what was going on.

The one drawback of the novel is that the heroine Horatia is somewhat immature, idiotic and annoying and I could never quite understand why someone like Lord Rule would fall in love with her. However, she's still moderately entertaining because even though she's a dumbass, people in the book realize this and treat her accordingly. Plus, she's a compulsive gambler, which is something I've never, ever seen in a romance heroine before and makes her kind of interesting.

Anyway, this book is a tremendous amount of fun. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to people who don't like period romances, but if you enjoy romance with a healthy dose of screwball comedy this might be for you.
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Sarah Try Friday's Child - in it Heyer creates a hero in the model of Pelham and gives him three very amusing friends!

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willaful You need to go back and reread the dedication to A Civil Campaign :-)

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