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The Taste of Salt by Martha Southgate
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Jan 14, 2013

really liked it
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1. The Taste of Salt
2. Martha Southgate
3. This book is about a girl named Josie Henderson who is African American, a marine biologist in a white man's working environment. Throughout the book Josie struggles to be heard by not only her coworkers ,but her family. As Josie grows up she learns more about not only herself but her brothers and dads experience with alcoholics.
4. A theme in this book is that life is an internal battle. A quote to support this is "He was never going to get what he needed." pg. 242 "And now, here, again, here, his sister couldn't save him, his mother couldn't save him, his father couldn't save him, no one could save him. What was there to be saved?" pg. 242 These two quotes further exemplify how life was an internal battle for Tick, Josie's brother. Tick was an alcoholic and struggled from being sober and his life continually an internal battle. Another theme of the book is that everyone makes mistakes. Josie's dad made mistakes his whole life because of alcohol but that doesn't mean he ever stopped loving her. She had to learn how to forgive him not only for herself to live on, but for her family to move on. "He had been the man he'd been for years, the man I refused to see. And when he took me in his arms, which he did without hesitation, he smelled good clean and present. I had never accepted a real hug from him; I didn't believe he could offer them. But I was wrong." pg. 261 This quote just further proves how if she could have seen her father like this many years ago then maybe they could have had a good relationship, but at least now she has realized he is there for her. Also with this quote, "'You're not alone anymore,' he said. 'I'm your father and I'm right here. You're not alone anymore." "'Do you believe me?'" "I offered a small nod. He squeezed my hand. 'I'm here when you want me baby,' he said. 'I'm here.'" pg. 268 This page of quotes further shows that her dad is there for her even when she doesn't believe that anyone is there for her. He will always be her father, there supporting her when she needs it. This book helped me realize a lot about my life in that family is extremely important and that if you ever need support, they are always going to be there for you. Even when you mess up big time. Family is the key to a happy life.
5. I believe that high school students would really enjoy this book. It took a while to understand what is going on or what the real meaning behind the book is, but once you figure it out it gives you a new perspective on life and it could really change how you think of your family. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read, because the underlying meaning is worth reading the book.

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