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The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas
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Aug 24, 2007

it was amazing
bookshelves: life-favorites, adult-fiction
Read in January, 2000

Superbly written with excellent historical detail--about the soldier who crucified Christ and won His robe by lot. I read this book in high school, and just finished my second reading in Nov., 2011. Still one of my favorite novels, due to its compelling view of the transformation this Christos brings.

If you're unsure due to any disappointment from the 1953 film rendition starring Richard Burton (as I was), try the book and see for yourself.

"[...] 'The great multitude stood waiting, every man holding his breath and staring at this unfamiliar face of Zacchaeus. And then he spoke, humbly, brokenly. He had decided, he said, to give half of all he owned to feed the poor. To those whom he had defrauded, he would make abundant restitution.'

'But--what happened?' demanded Marcellus. 'What had Jesus said to him?'

Miriam shook her head. 'Nobody knows,' she murmured; then, with averted reminiscent eyes, she added, half to herself: 'Maybe he didn't say anything at all. Perhaps he looked Zacchaeus squarely in the eyes until the man saw--reflected there--the image of the person he was meant to be.'

'That is a strange thing to say,' remarked Marcellus. 'I'm afraid I don't understand.'

'Many people had that experience,' said Miriam, softly. 'When Jesus looked directly into your eyes--' She broke off suddenly, and leaned far forward to face him at close range. 'Marcellus,' she went on, in an impressive tone lowered almost to a whisper, 'if you had ever met Jesus--face to face--and he had looked into your eyes until--until you couldn't get away--you would have no trouble believing that he could do anything--anything he pleased! If he said, 'Put down your crutches!' you would put them down. If he said, 'Pay back the money you have stolen!' you would pay it back.'

She closed her eyes and relaxed against the cushions. Her hand, still in his, was trembling a little."

The Robe, Lloyd C. Douglas, 1942 (pgs. 269-270)

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