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Hancock Park by Isabel Kaplan
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Mar 25, 2009

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Becky is a spoiled rich kid. She might not act spoiled but she most definitely is. She takes so many things for granted like having a psychiatrist for many years which costs a TON of money, getting medicine refilled again and again which again, costs a lot of money, moving to many high-end places like Four Seasons and not being surprised are just a few examples.

However, despite her rich family background, she still faces many teen problems - loneliness and lack of popularity. She also has a deep mental problem and she uses a variety of drugs to calm her anxieties, insecurities and stresses. After her best friend moves, she becomes "friends" with the popular girls, however, this doesn't seem to help her insecurity problems. In fact, it seems to grow. She becomes drawn in to the typical high school drama - boys, sex and booze. At the end though, she has to face with herself - to embrace her intellectual abilities or remain drugged and insecure.

Becky was highly highly developed. She had character and conflicts that allowed the readers to see her growth and improvement. Though she may seem pretty dumb at times, she's also extremely intelligent with an IQ of 155. I sympathized with her.

The plot was extremely choppy. Each chapter seemed to be a side plot with random stories and people. It went from one place to another in rapid succession. However, despite all these random plot, it kind of help build to the main plot. You had to follow the story carefully or you might get confused or sidetracked.

Overall, I thought that Hancock Park was an interesting book about the rich girl's life and high school drama. It had elements of Gossip Girls though it wasn't as trashy.

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