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Addicted by Zane
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Mar 24, 2009

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I love the sour cream and onion taste. That’s what really makes it as good as it s, also how crunchy it is when I bite into it. Pringos is what I’m addicted to. A book written by Zane was given a title called Addicted. That’s what really drove me into reading the book I really wanted to know more. I’m glad I’ve read it. It’s engaging, the life style that that the main character has is crazy, and the character traits.

Every since the first time I picked up the book just to read the title then the story behind it I couldn’t put it down. Maybe because it contained the qualities in a book that love to read about sex and conflict in full detail. Just kept hitting me and I was hungry for more so I had to continue to read. Addicted started off with Zoe sitting n with Dr. Marcella a therapist listening to her problem story.

The main character in the book is Zoe her life style was crazy. Jason and Zoe were high school sweet hearts later got married. Jason was first dentist then a Chef of Architect. Made a blueprint if there their current house after it gotten it’s approval by Zoe he built there 4,500 square foot, five bedroom , four bath it had over two dozen skylights. They were having marital problems. He didn’t have a clue of what she was doing. She had a sexual addiction! She said “If Jason would ever find out, I would die” I’m scared my addiction to sex will destroy everything I have: my marriage, my relationship with my children, everything”

Zoe was crazy to me by putting her perfect marriage in jeopardy. Having three other lovers than her husband. Quinton was obsessed with her and wanted Zoe all to himself. Before he found out about her husband himself. “He loves you, imagine how stupid and shitty I felt sitting there at the luncheon, listening to him tell everyone about his beautiful, perfect wife. How much he loves you, how the two of you met and fell in love, how the two of you meet and fell in love , how proud he is of you starting your own business and standing by his side for always…”. Diamond is nasty for having sex with other women. Zoe was so turned off after that she never touched another women. She only let them touch her. Tyson was even more obsessed with Zoe he he took it to the extreme and went to Jason’s job and got in a altercation with him.

Several landmark events took place in their lives, some very good and very bad, but together they always came out on top. They got the consoling and lived happily ever after I guess. I believe freaky Zoe and her crazy lovers made the book and poor ole Jason I feel sorry for but that’s want made the book entertaining though. After all this writing about this book I want to read it again. I highly advise you if you haven’t read this book you need to read it yourself.

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