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Daughters of Terra by Theolyn Boese
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Mar 24, 2009

Kyrin and Daeshen are two men of the Ta'e'sha people, very similar to humans but with the capacity to shapeshift like a merman. In their planet a virus has caused that all the women are sterile, so the Ta'e'sha men have decided to take humans women as brides. Only a little problem, they don't ask to the chosen before the mating. And kidnap them.

Kyrin and Daeshen are also lovers. But in the Ta'e'sha tradition, a family could be of six people, no matters what sex. So they decide to take a humans woman as bride, Theadora, to bear their children.

Kyrin is strong and commanding, Daeshen gentle and analytic. The two match perfectly together and soon also Thea finds her place in this strange family. Thea has been always fascinated by the myth of the sea people and have two of them as husbands are her dreams come true.

The book starts like a sex marathon. Kyrin and Daeshen are two dom and they really impose their attention to Thea. The sex is beautiful and very arousing, but in the first part of the book I can't find Thea. Her figure is faint. She has no voice. Fortunately, she grows strong and finally I discover a sassy woman with a cheerful behaviour.

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