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Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks
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it was ok

I picked this book off the self to read at work as I am determined to familiarize myself with the collection more and because it's a "classic" and on the ALA banned book list.

While reading I often found myself thinking..."What? No 16 year old girl says that. This was obviously a part the editors edited heavily." Then I realized how often I was thinking that. The whole thing struck me as oddly UNrealistic even though it was supposed to be a real account. (And is shelved in our non-fiction section.)

It was only after doing some additional research that I discovered that most people do consider the book to be a work of fiction and that it's proclaimed "editor" is the real author.

Overall, I say read it more for its historical value than anything else. For god's sake don't read it as a piece of anti-drug propaganda. It just is too heavy-handed to ring true. And boy does it make acid trips sound like fun! I find the reviews that gloss over the fact that this book is fiction (and badly researched fiction at that) because "it delivers a good message" ridiculous. It delivers a false message and I wonder how many kids could really relate to it today.
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message 1: by Sarah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:02PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Sarah My class was tickled that she would talk about her drug trips for pages and pages and yet this "16 year old girl" said nothing more about losing her virginity than "oh i wish it was with rodger"

message 2: by Johnice (new)

Johnice We actually catalog it in YA FIC here. Which suits me just fine since most people think its fake (including me)...and its not like we're making any big waves about it with our little library!

™yourbeautifulnightmaree™ uhm, actually a lot of teens could relate to this book, trust me, i know a few.

Evan Would you know what a 16 year old said in 1971?

Edmund Davis-Quinn It's fiction

Melissa I have been appalled by the number of young kids who think this book is "realistic". These must all be very young or very sheltered children, because there is no other possible explanation. Anyone with an ounce of real world experience can see this for the work of fiction that it is. The worst part, is that the author was supposedly a pre-teen to young adult drug counselor and if that was her idea of how kids partied or were introduced to drugs then she was sorely out of touch and could not have been a very effective counselor to very many.

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