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The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett
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Jan 09, 2013

it was amazing

The story changes focus but continues to be strong. I'm hooked on these books. They're the fun, exciting, imaginative fantasy I used to love way back in the 80s, but written for the new milenium with all the additional sharpness and insights that entails.

Brett combines a wonderful idea - the particular combination of 'bad guys' and magic that drives the series - with great characterisation across a broad cast.

To deliver literary punches, to write scenes where we care who lives and who dies, takes time. Time to wind up for the blow. Time to put lives behind those name-tags, time to make the solutions to problems meaningful rather than arbitrary. Fortunately it's time well spent. I found the Inervera back-story absorbing both in its own right and for the second perspective it offered on events in Desert Spear. I am not a person who believes there's a 'now' in storyland and that unless we're moving the plot forward in the 'now' then nothing is happening. If the story of Inervera's initiation into the disciplines of her craft is well told (and it was) that's as interesting to me as the 'now' at Cutters' Hollow and the coming attacks. I don't see one as more valid and important as the other.

It is true that the timeline doesn't advance a great many days past the point reached in Desert Spear. However an enormous amount is learned in that space of days, a hell of a lot of stuff blows up, ichor and blood splatter the page, and a good time is had by all... kinda. Well, by this reader at the very least.


Insert: Having had a chance to see reaction to this book over the past 6 months I have this to add. I've seen quite a few negative reactions to The Daylight War on forums/blogs. This seems to be part of how stuff works. By the time a series is getting established it's often only the people who are upset by the turn of events who bother to register their opinions. I could say the same about George Martin's A Dance With Dragons for example - but both The Daylight War and A Dance With Dragons have thousands of ratings on Goodreads and average scores of 4.20 and 4.21 respectively... so it seems that the bulk of readers are enjoying them a lot and not saying much!

For me these were three quite different books, and that can always cause problems in terms of reader expectations.

The Warded Man: A book of discovery - new world, new enemies, new magic, new characters.

The Desert Spear: Exploring a new point of view and setting up the human vs human conflict.

The Daylight War: Really focused on the characters. One might call it soap opera - but that's not a bad thing if it means putting characters we love through their paces - exploring the relationships, putting them under stress and seeing what happened.


So, yes, The Daylight War delivered like a... deliverer. I got my new information, I got my development of the demon world and the daylight world. I got my fix of the main cast and a collection of new faces. I got my mass battles, touching moments, tension, fun... I'm a happy camper. Just need the next book now.

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Jordan Good review, Mark. I think I agree with all of it, but I only gave the book 3 stars due to issues with pace, characters (especially Leesha), and sexual politics.

message 2: by Lee (new)

Lee Good review Mark...I've added book 1 of the series to my TBR list on the strength of it :)

David Harris Great read for fans of the series, but i think the few issues it has are enough to ensure it won't win many new fans. However as a fan of the series so far, I enjoyed it. Like the characters.

Sean Just started this and like Mark I have been waiting for this-so will let you all know how I get on

Goede I like the book too and the sexual politics make a real adult fantasy. They support the story and 'are' not the story. So I like it. Just as like sex.

Jordan I don't object to the sex itself or to the existence of sexual politics. I object to those found in this book specifically. I won't go into spoilers at this point but I think most anyone who read the book will know what I'm talking about even if they disagree.

Julian I love peter's writing style and will pretty much always buy his books -but this effort felt too much like a cry for help from an author who does not know where the series is going-telling the same story for a third time felt redundant. It also feels like as the characters gain recognition and fame,they lose their village charm.

Stretch's Books It is like reading a Penthouse Letters article, and, to me, takes away from the book. I found it to be unnecessary.

Rylie Hilscher Daylight War was difficult for me. I really like this series and think it is fabulously written. The action scenes are great and inventive, the character driven moments are wonderfully crafted as well. I think it was bold of Brett to dedicate much of books 2 and 3 to backstory/new-viewpoint storytelling. Repeating the same timeline for 3 books is risky and must have annoyed many readers who just want plot advancement. I appreciate narrative risks.
However, Leesha's story arc was/is very upsetting on an emotional level. In the first book she is someone I came to care for deeply, somewhat like an older brother. She goes through a lot of trauma in her life and so I now want the best for her, to protect her, to admire her strength and nobility. Then Jardir enters the picture and you see the train wreck coming and can do nothing about it (darn you Brett!). So having to watch as she gives herself to Jardir (the details become painful instead of titillating) and then later on with the duke… it’s like watching your younger sister submitting herself to the whims of some creepy dudes who just want her for her body (and you get to read all the intimate details).
So kudos to Brett for making me care so much about the characters, but darn you Brett for what you are doing to Leesha.
With respect,

David I love it because I'm a fan; I'll probably always read what Peter writes. I gave it four stars based on the writing and because I'm a blatant fanboy. That said, it was not his best work. I finished feeling disappointed, the story barely progressed. The Daylight War has just begun, the title seems a bit premature. I think when you focus too much on characters, the story suffers. Also, the ending pissed me off. It was like a cheap 90's television show move. "Tune in next season!"

I still really liked it, so it's worth every penny.

coughYour series is bettercough

message 11: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Frisby i guess i will have to read it

message 12: by Kellie (new) - added it

Kellie I have the book ( I am a fan of Brett's, especially when I picked up the Warded Man and it was a dicey moment of 'will I eagerly read, or wait until a day off in summer and read in garden book' suffice to say, I read it before the summer that year and now, I will have to read Daylight War, sooner than I thought.. Good review..

Conal Great book, cliffhanger ending... can't wait for the next book either!!!

message 14: by Mark (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark I read this book 11 months ago and I still stand by my review.

Relstuart It is good to remind people every once in a while that on Goodreads two stars and up are positive ratings. :)

Melissa Really waiting for the next book too, and if you want some preview about Skull Throne, the first chapter is availabe on Peter's blog :

message 17: by Bruyere (new)

Bruyere I'm not sure how to take this review. I didn't like Warded Man. So does this mean I would like the next books because they are different than the first?

Rbette1299 The warded Man was the best of this series and they keep getting worse with each new release. The Daylight War was simply awful. The wared man became silly and the women stupid. I'm done with this author.

message 19: by Mark (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark Lawrence Heather wrote: "I'm not sure how to take this review. I didn't like Warded Man. So does this mean I would like the next books because they are different than the first?"

I suspect you wouldn't like them either.

message 20: by Bruyere (new)

Bruyere I obviously got distracted by what wasn't supposed to be the main theme. My take away was a book about a young lady getting her period and protecting her virginity. That said, at least the prose wasn't painful like The Black Prism, which I read next.

Julianne I don't wait on many authors either. However, I am desperately waiting on
the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss and the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson. I think both would be right up your alley. Check them out if you haven't already.

Craig I have read and own the first 4 books and I cannot wait for The Core to be released. This was an awesome series and whilst normally I am not a fan of multiple perspectives on the same events, I did not care at all in these books.

message 23: by Stygian (new) - added it

Stygian Themis You should try Brandon Sanderson.

message 24: by Sic (new) - added it

Sic Transit I'm stuck exactly half way through this one. Loved the first part, *way* more than I expected to. Second part has me stone cold. Cannot get into it at all. It's been almost a full year.

Hannah I'm rereading this book right now. I stopped at this one and didn't read The Skull Throng (book #4), because I'd heard the cliffhanger at the end of that one was just as terrible as the one at the end of The Daylight War. So my plan is to finish the whole series in one go. I'd forgotten how well-written Leesha and Inevera were. Such great female POVs (if you ignore Renna...).

message 26: by Mark (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark Lawrence Hannah wrote: "I'm rereading this book right now. I stopped at this one and didn't read The Skull Throng (book #4), because I'd heard the cliffhanger at the end of that one was just as terrible as the one at the ..."

I've yet to meet anyone who has Renna as their favourite.

message 27: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Childs Love the whole series and Inevera was an amazing character. Renna did annoy me at times.

message 28: by Allison (new)

Allison I was so upset about Renna I protested and stopped reading for awhile. I have the skull throne so I might as well read it. (maybe?)

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