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Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher
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Mar 20, 2009

it was ok

I read this book because of my love of Butcher's other series, "The Dresden Files." I went through all the Dresdens and my friend Houston was kind enough to lend me his copy of this, the first book in this series.

This book pissed me off. I couldn't give up on it.

I don't normally like sword-and-sorcery fantasy. It's generally too stilted and lacks a sense of whimsey, or a sense of whimsey that doesn't feel like it was made for a middle-school mindset. Nobody but Terry Pratchett can be Terry Pratchett. I thought I'd give this book the benefit of the doubt since Butcher has grown as a writer and gotten quite witty in the process. His overall writing like plot structure and suspense has grown as well. This book must predate many of those improvements.

The plot takes unnecessary detours into annoying distracting areas like how the first season of 24 would be called "8" if not for the daughter character. Too many characters are fatally oblique and douchey. Others are a bit too noble and dry. But I tend to dislike series where there are more unlikable characters than likable. You can make a likable jerk. That's just my opinion.

I just want to know if the series gets better in the ways that I'm bitching about. If so, I'm game to continue for a short while. I got three books into Anita Blake before it pissed me off too much.
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