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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
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it was amazing

I was forced to read this by my future wife.
I was not, however, forced to give it 5 stars.
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Bettie☯ Magic!

Anna If you are forced to read a book that doesn't suit your fancy, you'll hate it.

Then why did you give it five stars if you were forced by your girl-friend to read Pride and Prejudice?

message 3: by Ula (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ula Maybe he, y'know, enjoyed it?

Anna Maybe and maybe not!

Darcie Grunblatt because he enjoyed it! DUH. Is that not obvious or something?

Troy Wait, does 5 stars mean that I like it?

message 7: by Ula (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ula Maybe it means you recognize this book as very readable?

Anna It is too readable! if you like wit and humor and romance and heartbreak and betrayal and honesty and following your heart and being frank.

message 9: by Maggie (new)

Maggie there must be something lacking in me but I just can't get into Jane Austen's writing. but it's great to see other minds enjoy it. I prefer Charlotte Bronte's writing, if you want to compare writers from the same era. Charlotte Bronte's writing is like listening to a great piece of beautiful music...from the heart, not the mind.

message 10: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea I think this book is quite stupid. Just sayin

Blake Schreckhise No shame my friend! I was neither forced to read it or give it a favorable review!

message 12: by Charles (new)

Charles Quinn I was also forced to read Pride and Prejudice for not just my mother but also for an assignment made by my literature teacher. I also am not ashamed to say I actually ended up enjoying the book with its millions of characters interconnecting and starting their own story, even though it was dull and disappointing at some points. I almost resented reading the book after the constant confusion made in all the paths of the women, and I personally think nobody can completely understand the entire inner plot and actual subtext with only reading all the way through many times. I mainly enjoyed the fact that Jane Austen put so much detail and effort into her plot changing and adding extra parts and alley ways. Only a woman could capture so many women especially the primary Bennett daughter Elizabeth or aka Lizzy. She developed her character from a young twenty year old woman, she was portrayed as the model girlfriend per se she was much smarter than her sisters in my opinion and also had a cheerful and spirited personality all in addition to being her father’s favorite daughter.

Msand This is the best review I've ever read.

message 14: by ibookmark (new)

ibookmark this is love i say . guess you enjoy to be forced by your future wife

Mehnaz Khan That's so cute. :)

Glorianne Best review ever.

message 17: by Cori (new)

Cori love this review haha does that mean it's good? I've been debating whether I should read it for a while now... i guess it's worth a go :D

message 18: by Hari (new) - added it

Hari Rao stupidity should be rest in peace.

message 19: by Damien (new)

Damien Bell Fuck off cunt

message 20: by YN (new) - rated it 4 stars


Sabiha Younus Best review ever :D

Deborah Ademola Good on your future wife (at the time). Men can read and enjoy Jane Austen, just as they did in her day. I find it absurd that men in Jane's day read and admired her works, though it was by "a Lady" (testament to writing not being considered proper for a lady), and yet men today act like its not "manly" to read her work. What on earth happened? I think it was the destruction of boy's education within the last 50 years. Anyway, good on you!

Madison I think that the book was awesome, read it myself. True, there's romance and it could be hard to read at times, but i loved it. No regret!!!!

message 24: by Cydney (new) - added it

Cydney this is the sweetest brief review I've ever read. I'm guessing she's your wife now?

message 25: by Noah (new) - rated it 2 stars

Noah This made me chuckle loved the humor of this review.

MrsER Very funny comment! (Incidentally, I wouldn't force my loving husband to read this or any book. He'd fall asleep on the first pages. I love him too much to subject him to such torture...)

MrsER Mamalabou wrote: "Hello,

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It is a great pity there is nothing that can be done to stop this side of spam. Mam', if you didn't realize yet, this is a website about books, not banks. If I had any say on Goodreads I'd cancel your account altogether.

MrsER Katrina wrote: "Name: Dr Audu Bello

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I am sure Jane Austen would have been glad to learn of your "herbal cure"! But not really the place for advertising, is it?

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