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The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum
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Mar 16, 2009

did not like it
Read in March, 2008

Sorry if you loved this book, I HATED it. Maybe it was above my reading level. There were just too many "alpha, bravo,cain, delta...Cain is for Charlie, Delta is for Cain!" This book put me to sleep so many nights it is surprising that I finished it. I just kept hoping that jason bourne would die...Good thing I shop at Goodwill and it only cost me 50 cents! Everyone tells me that I should give the movie a chance and that it is better than the book, but I ask, won't it remind me of the book and bring all those bad memories back?
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message 1: by Pen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Pen Ha! I just finished this and found it hard reading. The author's sentence structure made me have to read and re-read many sentences. Whole heartedly agree on the "Cain is for Charlie, Delta is for Cain" line. I mean STFU already!

Still, picturing Matt Damon helps it along :)

Victoria Yo woody, if theres 3 books in the series why would the main character doe in the first book?

John The action scenes were great but the rest Zzz. "Cain is for charlie, Delta is for Cain" drove me nuts. This book did put me to sleep at least one night.

Mafalda Correia Repeated ad nauseam. I punched myself reading this book. I prefer to think the author was trying hypnotic suggestion with that line, and not just displaying his lack of talent, taste and common sense by trying such an incompetent "literary" and "aesthetic" repetition. Rare case where the movie is great and the book absolutely sucks.

Yogesh Like the book ....thriller

woody Yogesh wrote: "Like the book ....thriller"

Wow! Are we talking about the same book???

Margarita I liked it too, but maybe because I liked the movie so much and I was thinking about it all the time. Even re-watched the movie to remember everything. Not so much in common with the book, though. The movie is better. Way better, for the first time I like a movie more than the book.

Mark I also found it hard to read, and the "Cain is for Charlie" bits did my nut in!

Saurabh The movie is barely related to the book. It's like they completely re-modelled the story.

Jackie D I am having so much trouble getting through this book. I generally always finish books but this one is close to getting discarded.

David Pooler Actually jason bourne did die. He was killed by Delta

Nitish I appreciated the author's writing for the suspense.

Joaquin Peloso I agree with the idea that this book is out of your reading level. It's a pretty simple book to read, specially when you are custom to names and places. It might feel a little dense at certain parts but overall the book is pretty simple.

Gareth I am 2/3's through the book and am really enjoying it.

That said, the movie is NOTHING like the book except the vague idea of the story (e.g. amnesia, Spec Ops type soldier, names and places).

I enjoyed the movies too, but they are not the same story.

Graeme Skinner God that Cain is for Charlie BS that was continuously spouted in this book was just dreadful! I skimmed the last 10 chapters just to get through it.... it was a good way to send myself to sleep though I'll agree with you there! :)

Mark Hebwood Actually it wont - the movie has almost nothing to do with the book... Just saying I liked it a lot but the constant repetition of the line you mentioned drove me bonkers, too.

Matthewcross87 No the modern movies are shit the books are fantastic though !

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